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Monday, June 12, 2017

Why did Saba say he is the King

The first thing I hear from everyone (almost) is Saba is the Messiah.  Saba said he was King and I have heard from a witness that he said "I am the King and I am not saying the Messiah because otherwise I would be a liar".

That much I have concluded on my own after reading Tanach.  Simply said.  There is no King without a son or grandson/ daughter that continues his Dynasty.  The good Kings have the honor of being buried along with King David, the others not.  Kings are not as holy as priests and cannot perform in the Beit Hamikdash.  Kings are neither Levites, nor Cohens!  Kings are the secular leaders that are DIVINELY appointed....want to mess with that.  Without Kings in Israel the Levites and the Cohens cannot perform their functions!!!! OK with that?

Is every Hassidic dynasty able to claim to be the King of all Israel and of all Dynasties?  Not really...Rabbi Nachman makes clear that he is unlike any other Tzaddik.  There can only be one Tzaddik isod Olam and mysteriously Josef ha Tzaddik is not the one.  Was Josef ha Tzaddik a King?  He was second to the King, just like Mordecai ha Yehudi of the tribe of Benjamin.  Both were second to rule, to the greatest Emperors of their generation and were in fact the ones running the business.

Today Jared Kushner seems to be almost holding this position, since he just received 100 billion from Sunni Arabs to manage their defence contract, and Ukraine is already in the pocket of Germany as is the Democratic Party (according to my 20 years in the field).  Israel is also a divided country as are England and France because of Brexit and the purchase of expensive submarines, Helicopter Carriers.  The insults are flying at the bridge between the middle east and the far west which happens to be a Young Yankee Yid, NOT ISRAELI.   This vital alliance of the Gd fearing nations is attempting to include Rome and Royality within their ranks and have had some success, not all Kings are good Kings, but at least they are the real thing.

I have a suggestion to the Royals and the Church (how ridiculous that ISIS just burned alive 20 female infants for not accepting to be willing sexual partners to their Jihadists) please feel the appropriate humility to consider my words:

Rabbi Nachman who is the greatest Jewish Scholar of all times, requested burial on Mt Zion.  This request must be acknowledged and answered, not by today's false priests, but by Monarchs of the world and members of the Levite and Cohen tribe of Israel.  Without the King, the Levites and Cohens cannot purify the nation of all the idol worship which torching children that do not want to engage in forced pedofilia include.

Gd is furious,  The apparent wealth people are benefitting from is just a part of the trap that is closing in on us very fast, like the partridges from heaven sent by Gds anger to bury the people of lust.
We need a King in Israel, not the Messiah,  this King is one of the descendents of Saba Israel Ber Odesser.  The Horowitz are also descendants of King David, but Rabbi Israel Ber Odesser is Rabbi Nachman and he IS also a descendent of King David.

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