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Friday, June 23, 2017

Rabbi Nachman, you are coming!

Rabbi Nachman,
You said "what are you worried about? I am going before you, just be united and  will be with you".  Obviously you didn't mean by this that by being UNITED we will merit to travel to Uman, and leave Jerusalem.
You know as well as I that Gd who is above the both of us has a plan and has chosen a day when you MUST be brought to Jerusalem and you can not prevent it.  One way or the other we must unite by this date.  Stop pretending it is all up to us!  I am not worried, I know that this MUST happen and I am doing what I can to please Gd and you and make it happen.
What you really want is to please Gd by motivating me to work, and you have succeeded.  As is your wish, I am encouraging everyone to say Na Nach as this eliminates all sadness and essentially guarantees victory over the Devil.
Good Shabbas, Hodesh tov, hope you enjoy my attempts at playing guitar!

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