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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

May the second eye of Samson be avenged

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What I want to add is 1) We are the tribe of Josef; 2) Mankind can bring Shabbas to the world through Tzeddsakka; 3) The Tribe of Josef needs to unite, the other 70 nations need to bring the bones.

All current events actually DO revolve around this only.

1) We are already free of the three animalistic traps (Money, Sex, Food)_ so in the words of Korach we are all Saints, that wasn't true then, but it is now, except for one thing.

3 days in Egypt, no one touched the gold they sawe
3 days at Sinai, no one touched the sex
3 days on Purim in 127 countries, no one touched food or drink

so what is the one thing missing?

Unity and it can only be achieved through the love that comes from holy joy and how can we do that when it the the number one occupation of the Devil? (look at question 3)

Being born from tears like Josef, today the Jewish Nation has become the tribe of Josef.

2) Mankind can bring Shabbas Peace to the world through Tzeddakka:

3 days of fast were the idea of the King of Ninve.. the Pharaoh that survived the crossing of the sea of reeds. In fact 3 days of fast by the goyim and three by us make up six days of fast, or six days of Tzeddakka which amount to the importance of Shabbas eating.  Therefore light number 7 and light number 8 work together and consider themselves ONE LIGHT.

3) Pakod Pakodeti made Josef promise his 70 guests.  Well Moses and Yehoshua that came out of the nile and grew up in the Palace as well as Serach Bat Asher that did not marry her husband but was able to bury him at over 400 yrs is not like the 70 keeping the promise.  So today only the 70 nations can make this happen, it is not relevant for Israel to do this.

HOWEVER:  Rabbi Nachman said:  "what are you worried about I go before you, just be together and I will be with you"

AND: (and this can be proven why) Na Nach said "I am Rabbi Nachman"

THEREFORE: By being together the tribe of Josef can pull Josef out even though they cannot keep the promise themselves.

May we merit to see the second eye of Samson avenged soon.

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