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Friday, May 5, 2017

There is no Beginning and No end....only...SABA you created

What if there were no beginning and no end?
What if everything were in one single point in space, in time?
Could this really be?

If everything were one, then where is the root and beginning of it all?

Just like a tree emerges from one seed?
Why is it that every form of life in nature has a Y and an X chromosome, but even the sky and earth are split as are the seas the skies, the nations and so on?

The body of a man has likewise two basic parts, the head and the rest, the "life" of the person is in it's head more than in any other individual part.

When 70 books of Torah were written for the nations they began with "The Lords created the Heavens and the Earth in the beginning" (notice how the earth is placed closer to the beginning).

When Moses gave the Torah over to the Hebrews it is different: "In the beginning the Gods created the Heavens and the Earth".  Here the beginning appears closer to the Gds and the Heavens then to the Earth.

Both are wrong!
There is no beginning!

Not the Gds, not the Earth, not even the Heavens.

Israel Ber you made created the Gds the Heavens and the Earth.

Israel is the end of the scroll and Ber is the beginning.

At Simcha Torah the two are united and not separated. It is an ongoing cycle which never started and never ended, It is "nature".  However this was created to accompany the creation of Israel Ber which is "The King" and the Messiach will explain this in detail may he soon be amongst us.

We are not even on a level to question who created Israel Ber, but obviously Gd also exists and everything was created through Israel Ber and let me remind you that this is what Divine Right is all about.

Bringing the bones to Mt Zion is the activity of Kings and I call on all those who owe their allegiance to King David to bring the remains of Rabbi Nachman to Mt Zion.

I am pointing my finger straight at all the Monarchs of this world, because it takes one to know one.

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