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Monday, May 29, 2017

NUmbers the key to tsniout


Am Israel should not be counted.  We know this from the Haftorah of the week and from the refusal of Joav to obey the bad orders of King David.
Jews are not to be counted for taxation purposes of certain individuals.  So why count us so many times in "numbers"?  Not because Gd loves us as children are lied to.

We are counted because the nation at maturity has this ratio of every member of the nation.  so many levites to so many first born, even the animals.  We are therefore ready to enter Canaan.  Except for those that doesn't understand, and still don't till this day!

Why  should women cover their legs?

Because Jews are holy and they are the holy vessels today... which they were not yet until AFTER Purim.

However if one family of Levites dies down, so will all the rest of the nation in equal proportion!!!

Naked Jews means death of what is holy.

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