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Monday, May 29, 2017

Behar and Bechoukotecha are the conclusion of Vayyikra .

Vayyikra is a very special book because the beginning marks the birth of Moses, Rabbi Nachman and Rabbi J. while the end of Vayyikra is read on the week of the death of Meir Baal Ha Ness, in Tiberias, he is a Roman convert and was buried standing (not according to Halacha) so he can be the first to stand up at the arousal of the dead or the first to receive the Messiah!

Tiberias is ALSO  the place the Petek was found and it is the place Rav Israel Ber Odesser was born falling into a well!

 Moses and Joshua were both born out of the Nile where Josef was buried (this is similar)
The Tzasddik is popularily referred to as Tzaddik Isod Olam  "Josef"  but to those who really  look into it, only Rabbi  Nachman fits that description.
 If US Statesman Mike Huckabee was at the tomb of Josef on this day and not with his good friend President Trump at the Kotel, that is HIGHLY SIGNIFICANT and a good OMEN.

Vayyikra is also considered 3 books by some because smack in the middle is the famous two lines within the two Nounes acting like quotes like this [ ]!
None of this is rocket science, it's stuff school kids in Israel can understand well.

Vayyikra is called Leviticus because it deals throughout with the laws concerning the use of the Tabernacle and the laws for the Priesthood.  The laws also concern the proper use of the Holy Land with it's special rules, concerning those that dwell on it, be they Jewish or non-Jewish.
Should priests from other nations dwell in the Holy Land?  Of Course!  However they need to respect the laws set by Moses  MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL: they need to accept that Rabbi Nachman is the second son or Rachel and this acceptance will have the same effect on their priesthood as Josef had on the priests of Egypt.

Anybody who vandalizes Josefs tomb is no priest he is a Magician at best.  It is obvious to any thinking individual that knows the law of burying in Israel that the remains of Rabbi Nachman need to be brought to Jerusalem (Halacha 363).

The cause of all bloodshed and WAR (except the eradication of Amalek) is due to this mitzvah not being fulfilled now that we have had Jerusalem for 50 years and the 70th anniversary of the State is scheduled for this year!!

70 is 'eyn' or eye.  Josef is called Ben Pourat ale AYN!  Samson wants the great day of revenge to take place for BOTH his eyes  (Samson also was not born from a father and had an affair) The prayer of Samson has not yet been fulfilled.

Rachels prayer has not yet been fulfilled and she is still crying for both her sons, because the wishes of the first can only be completed by the second:

The 70 nations will keep the promise made to the priest: Carry my bones to Jerusalem!!!

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