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Friday, April 28, 2017

without the silver trumpets nothing moves

The holiest time is when the tabernacle moves and Gd following the orders of Moses protects us like the apple of his eye.

The only thing in the way of the Geula is understanding that the Shofar is now available, needed and it can be used by any Human.

As I established earlier we have overcome all three lusts, and additionnaly we are already at peace with the Gentiles who have conquered the lust for food exactly as we have.  We could actually invite them to our shabbas meals already because they also are about to become Israel, all of them!!!  Of course we don't know all of this yet.
The reason we don't know this is that the Devil has intruduced the "drug" of death: "sadness".  His only way to prevent the keeping of the word given to Josef by request of Gd "pakod Pakodeti" is to prevent what has now become the tribe of Josef from uniting and realizing they are the tribe of Josef carrying the blessing of the Gd of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, a blessing carried by no other tribe and certainly not available historically until very recently, probably 5566. 28.7  and revealed on the 5th day of Hannukka this year just in time for the final year before the 70th anniversary of the State of Israel.
As Rabbi Nachman later become Rav Israel Ber Odesser the 12 Imam of I(ran), the one born from the well, (who ran here from Uman already) said before he died in 1810 on the 4th day of Succoth, the Ushpizin of Moses: "what are you worried about? Since I go before you, just be UNITED and I will be with you"
So if he is here why bring him? Why did the 70 elders listen when Moses said Pakod Pakodeti, and not one in 600 000 x 5 did when they were carrying out the mitszva of observing the gold of Egypt during the pleague of darkess when 80% of their realatives needed burying? How could he not already be with us?  Since he has already arrived?
His bonmes are not yet with us! Just as Josef that came out of the Nile also as Moses and Joshua son of the fish and serach bat asher are all Josef.  They brought the bones.  As the tribe of Josef, we are not supposed to bring the bones, only the 70 nations can do that!!!!
This is not a bilateral issue between Israel and the Ukraine.  Israel has one mission: Uniting through holy joy.  Once we wear out the devil by saying Na Nach and allowing Gd to chase him down, the nations will keep the oath and bring the bones.  In one day Samson will get his revenge for the two eyes that were pierced.
THE SILVER TRUMPET is the song of the redemption because all the people on the money are the ones that brought Ebay Ha Nachal to print.  The single double triple quadruple spells like a shofar meaning a silver trumpet!!!  This is what Moshe made and it is what the priests blow and without it nothing moves and Gd does not protect the nation.

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