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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Poroshenko has lost the Dombas!

Fact is that the local steel industry in now operating with Russian coal so all the jobs and power are firmly in Russian hands.  The Ukraine has not received the OK or the help needed to throw out the thugs and they do not have a secret police capable of facing off the KGB.

So what does Ukraine need if they want to be realistic, because no one wants to start a Nuclear war with crazy mad dictators and the alternative is even worse?

There is a solution for Ukraine, they need to stop relying on those two regions where a large percentage of their economy has been based until today.  These regions are going to be absorbed into the Russian sphere of influence and will begin to rot like all else does in the Russian terror zone.

Ukraine has a good chance at developing the rest of the country and are actually relieved by limiting the thugs associated with steel and coal.  Time for the rest of the Ukraine to develop and time to fortify the borders and seriously strengthen the secret services not least morally and ethically.

The number one best step to launch this new perspective is to bring Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem and begin the religious cooperation between different sectors of the population.  Ukraine needs to become a society of equal rights and the rule of justice and freedom, RELIGIOUS freedom, not secular LIBERTY.  I believe a good deal can be made with the Israeli Government and a great deal of trade can result form improving relationships with the Jewish and Arab communities which have been very under-developed til this day.  The heavy reliance on China for trade is no decisive step away from Communism.   The fight against terrorism is a good call to arms for Ukrainian servicemen and can become a good source of PR for this country.

Ukraine has incredible potential for rapid and sustained development however old wounds need mending.

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