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Friday, April 28, 2017

without the silver trumpets nothing moves

The holiest time is when the tabernacle moves and Gd following the orders of Moses protects us like the apple of his eye.

The only thing in the way of the Geula is understanding that the Shofar is now available, needed and it can be used by any Human.

As I established earlier we have overcome all three lusts, and additionnaly we are already at peace with the Gentiles who have conquered the lust for food exactly as we have.  We could actually invite them to our shabbas meals already because they also are about to become Israel, all of them!!!  Of course we don't know all of this yet.
The reason we don't know this is that the Devil has intruduced the "drug" of death: "sadness".  His only way to prevent the keeping of the word given to Josef by request of Gd "pakod Pakodeti" is to prevent what has now become the tribe of Josef from uniting and realizing they are the tribe of Josef carrying the blessing of the Gd of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, a blessing carried by no other tribe and certainly not available historically until very recently, probably 5566. 28.7  and revealed on the 5th day of Hannukka this year just in time for the final year before the 70th anniversary of the State of Israel.
As Rabbi Nachman later become Rav Israel Ber Odesser the 12 Imam of I(ran), the one born from the well, (who ran here from Uman already) said before he died in 1810 on the 4th day of Succoth, the Ushpizin of Moses: "what are you worried about? Since I go before you, just be UNITED and I will be with you"
So if he is here why bring him? Why did the 70 elders listen when Moses said Pakod Pakodeti, and not one in 600 000 x 5 did when they were carrying out the mitszva of observing the gold of Egypt during the pleague of darkess when 80% of their realatives needed burying? How could he not already be with us?  Since he has already arrived?
His bonmes are not yet with us! Just as Josef that came out of the Nile also as Moses and Joshua son of the fish and serach bat asher are all Josef.  They brought the bones.  As the tribe of Josef, we are not supposed to bring the bones, only the 70 nations can do that!!!!
This is not a bilateral issue between Israel and the Ukraine.  Israel has one mission: Uniting through holy joy.  Once we wear out the devil by saying Na Nach and allowing Gd to chase him down, the nations will keep the oath and bring the bones.  In one day Samson will get his revenge for the two eyes that were pierced.
THE SILVER TRUMPET is the song of the redemption because all the people on the money are the ones that brought Ebay Ha Nachal to print.  The single double triple quadruple spells like a shofar meaning a silver trumpet!!!  This is what Moshe made and it is what the priests blow and without it nothing moves and Gd does not protect the nation.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Poroshenko has lost the Dombas!

Fact is that the local steel industry in now operating with Russian coal so all the jobs and power are firmly in Russian hands.  The Ukraine has not received the OK or the help needed to throw out the thugs and they do not have a secret police capable of facing off the KGB.

So what does Ukraine need if they want to be realistic, because no one wants to start a Nuclear war with crazy mad dictators and the alternative is even worse?

There is a solution for Ukraine, they need to stop relying on those two regions where a large percentage of their economy has been based until today.  These regions are going to be absorbed into the Russian sphere of influence and will begin to rot like all else does in the Russian terror zone.

Ukraine has a good chance at developing the rest of the country and are actually relieved by limiting the thugs associated with steel and coal.  Time for the rest of the Ukraine to develop and time to fortify the borders and seriously strengthen the secret services not least morally and ethically.

The number one best step to launch this new perspective is to bring Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem and begin the religious cooperation between different sectors of the population.  Ukraine needs to become a society of equal rights and the rule of justice and freedom, RELIGIOUS freedom, not secular LIBERTY.  I believe a good deal can be made with the Israeli Government and a great deal of trade can result form improving relationships with the Jewish and Arab communities which have been very under-developed til this day.  The heavy reliance on China for trade is no decisive step away from Communism.   The fight against terrorism is a good call to arms for Ukrainian servicemen and can become a good source of PR for this country.

Ukraine has incredible potential for rapid and sustained development however old wounds need mending.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

How Can the World be saved from a biological suicide bomb ?

How Can the World be saved from a biological suicide bomb in the most populous part of China?
Let's say that those that don't want to believe in Gd are losing and they desperately want to prove that there is no Gd.  Let's say they get so fundamental about it that their own life no longer matters to them.  Scientifically they can disprove the existence of Gd by eradicating mankind period.  Do we have the technology to stop this?  The same scientists are working on both side of the isles and therefore, I regret, but the scientists that don't believe are much more rigorous for obvious reasons.  will Gd step in to save us again?
In the days of Noah he didn't, during the Holocaust he didn't, in the days of Pharaoh he didn't for the Egyptians.  Gd did say he would not bring another flood to the world and the animals and plants would be safe, think the possibility of a pandemic does not break any of his rules.
 So in effect the madmen could bring about the destruction of humankind with the consent of Gd it appears.  They would not have disproved him, but there would be no one left to impress either and Gd would have to go back to recreating everything from the Messiah like he once told Moses he would do.
There is a force which stands in the way of this, it is still Moses himself.
What can we do to make the difference?
Gd actually altered some human populations from their natural state at four occasions and he did so on a permanent basis. this is not even known today.
The first event was during the plague of darkness in Egypt when no one touched the gold of the Egyptians during the three days when it was revealed to Hebrews, man woman and child where ALL the valuable possessions were hidden.  This was NOT a natural way to behave for over 600 000 slaves.
The second event was during the three days preceding the revelation at Mount Sinai. No one touched their wives for three days, not intercourse.  Multiply this by 600 000 and realize this is not natural.
The third happened in the Ancient Persian city of Ninve where after being warned by Yonas, the whole city fasted for three days and Gd had mercy on them.  These people were altered.
The fourth happened in all 127 nations where Jews, man woman and child fasted for the success of Queen Ester's meeting with the King.  These people were altered.
The celebration of the first event is Pessach.
The celebration of the second is Shavuoth.
The celebration of the two last events are Succot! (feast of booths)
On Pessach we do not invite non-jews but on succoth everyone is welcome.  This is because we celebrate freedom from the lust for food.
Fasting is like giving charity.  Fasting for six days is like celebrating Shabbas food.  I don't think it is a coincidence that for a six day miraculous fast you need to include the gentiles of Ninve and the Jews from the 127 nations.
Why is the booth considered the skin of the whale?
Because Jonas came out of a whale.
Why was he protected for one day by a tree that withered on the second day?
Because it represents the booth.
Why is Mordecai related to Succoth?
Because he is the Tzaddik, the 4th day the one in the middle is named after Moses and that is the day that Rabbi Nachman was deceased.
How do we prevent a biological holocaust?
The Jewish nation having been altered on three points from all three "husks" of Egypt have reached the level of purity of Josef.  You can now call them the tribe of Josef.
They are therefore not able to keep the promise given by the 70 Hebrews to Josef, to take his bones to Canaan.  The 70 nations now must keep the promise by bringing the bones of Josef to Israel, and by bringing Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem they are fulfilling this promise, and in doing so they become the tribe of Yehuda, who is a man of his word, this also applies to Benjamin who did not sell his brother.
It will be the 70th birthday of the State of Israel and this is when all life loving people need to celebrate the arrival of Rabbi Nachmans bone in Jerusalem.  Gd will be pleased and no holocaust will occur.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Prikei Avot

My Introduction to Pirkei Avot (Ethics of the Fathers). Join us live east Sunday at noon eastern on my Facebook Wall

Saturday, April 8, 2017