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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Why I intend to call my son Donald Yehuda!

Last leg before ...either or...

I plan on calling my kid, Donald Yehuda here is why:

It is not the job of Israelis to bring Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem and put him on Temple Mount, it is the Job of the Gentiles!

Not Really.

At Mount Sinai, when Gd prevented us from breaking the personal commandment of Moses for three days, he gave us all a Brit Mila from below... how else could 600 000 people not sleep with their wives for 3 days? not even Korach!

Similarly, even though the elders all followed Moses when he announced Pakod Pakodeti "meaning we are about to take Josef out" not one in 600 000 did what Moses requested and the legend goes that he asked personally every single Hebrew for help.  This is very strange, why wouldn't one p[person help the very prestigious Moses.

The Hebrews could not fulfill this command because we were destined to become the tribe of JOSEF at Mt Sinai and get the blessing of the GOD of Abraham Isaac and Jacob.

What about the gentiles?  The 70 nations?

Those 70 nations correspond to the 70 people that made the pakod pakodeti promise.
Those children of Israel that are NOT from the tribe of Josef.

Who is the one to lead them?

Why does he lead them?

Josef was very kosher and pure with the brit from below, but Yehuda, about to lose his 4th child failed to the cause of Gd admitted his guilt and failure and in doing so proved that he was a man of his word.  The Brit from above (mila means word).  Be it Britain or The lands of the Brit (USA) or Brit ha Moatsa (USSR!!!) the 70 nations are not expected to act like nuns and monks, they are expected however to make good on the promise and that would be bringing the bones of Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem.

How Rabbi Nachman is the real second son of Rachel and not Benyamin as everyone thinks is another lesson, but I have already explained this on this blog.

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