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Monday, March 20, 2017


(recorded conversations dating to before these people were on the Shekel banknotes)

In whatyear did you know Breslev?
70 years ago, at that time there was a big prejudice against Breslev, no one wanted to approach Breslev books!
I learned that Rabbi Kook also studied Breslev books.
Yes, I also am aware of that!  I saw him and spoke to him.
Saba, I heard that also the Hafets Haim in Poland had a student, Matetiaou Cohen, and during his trip to Uman, the Hafets Haiim helped him to carry his suitcases to the train.
Did the Rav Tsvi Yehuda Kook also know aboput the Petek?
No, I only showed the Petek to Shazar who told me the following thing:  "keep this paper preciously because a day will come when it will conquer the world!"
Shazar said that?
Yes! Shazar was not at all religious, he did nothing, not even Shabbas... thanks to Rabbenu he did Tchouva.  Before that he traveled each Shabbas from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv for the meetings with the Histadrout (Central Syndicate).  As soon as he knew Rabenu, he interrupted his trips, and he ceased to desecrate SHabbas.  He started praying each day with Tallit and Tefiillin.  But he had many conflicts with his family,  because his wife was opposed to his return to Judaism...
What other famous people did you return to the path?
Agnon.  A very tight connection was created between us!  I also met Martin Buber.  He was not religious and had a very sick heart.  But it was Agnon that completely erased himself before me!
Agnon did tchouva?
Yes, I would visit him at home.  He loved hearing the words of Rabenu and everything related to Breslev! He was a terrifying figurehe nullified himself without any concern for his honor!  Once I met him in Tel Aviv.  Seeing me he felt a great joy, something completely unusual! Other famous people approached Rabbenu like for example Hilen Tsilin.  Like Shazar he was a heretic but as soon as he merited to hear the words of Rabbenu, then...He was a very talented person a real Jewish heart...we would call him the religious philosopher!
Did you know Bialik?
I already saw him.
Did you know him well?
No, but there were others...There was someone very famous in Russia and Poland....
I could go to the home of (President Zalman Shazar) when I wanted to...Shazar told me "I have a real friend, he is called Israel Ber Odesser!  of the whole Parlement, I am his only friend!"  Someone who wants to come to me must take an invitation.  He said in front of all the members of the parliamentary assembly that I am his most precious friend... and everyone looked at me with a disapproving look  "Israel Ber is coming from Tiberias to say hello to President Shazar" ... He then took a decision to say hello but silently and discreetly.
I was the only friend of President Shazar.  It was at least what he declared.  His other friends were Ben-Gurion and Moshe Sharet, the minister of Foreign Affairs.   Sharet asked the President: "Who is he?" and he answered, "He is my best friend."
He gave the name to the book "Ebay Ha Nachal" whose initials are Israel Ber Odesser.  Do you have this book?  Try to get the book "Ebay Ha Nachal", then you will be a Breslever Hassid! Get the book "Ebay Ha Nachal"... with the letters I wrote to the President Shazar.
The book "Ebay Ha Nachal" and the letters to Shazar, you have also given to President Hertzog?
Yes! He would go read them with President Ben Tsvi, each letter that I sent him.  In these letters was written "the main thing is Rabbi Nachman".  They were in agreement with all my letters and they had a great impact on them.  They were very impressed by these letters and it is a mitsvah to publish them! (the largest zionist press in Israel is the Maon Zalman Shazar they have rejected my request they publish this book). Shazar and Ben Tsvi were intimate friends.  While Ben Tsvi was president, Shazar would go in to him each day to show him the letters.  As for me, I was in Tiberias and one day at the Hotel of Tiberias, I gave him this gift, the book "likoutey Halachot".
Concerning the letters both believed this was already the geula (redemption).
Did President Hertzog also write letters to you?
Yes. Have you seen these letters?
He writes that it is very very...
"These letters unite the people of Israel.   It is a big thing that this book Ebay Ha Nachal exists"(Hertzog)
President Shazar had to keep the closeness of our relationship secret or he would have been thrown out of the Jewish Agency.

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