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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Super Hiddush! More Proof we are already the tribe of Josef, even those NOT following Rabbi Nachman:

Three days without women at Mt Sinai,
three days without food in 127 countries during the fast of Esther and
three days no one touched the money of the Egyptians during the plague of Darkness!

 So what about the Golden Calf?

The calf is the son of the bull (Josef) who is the source of wealth (even at wall street).  A replacement for Josef was not possible if Moses didn't come down because who would carry the bones?  Anyhow we did not and are not required to carry the bones because the 70 that promised are the sons of Jacob but not of Josef!!!

However there is a part of the population that didn't participate in the plague of Darkness and are not rid of their lust for money...the Erev Rav.

Besides the Erev rav only 2/3 Jewish, is there a danger to our status of "above nature"?

Yes, the Halachas of the shofar.  It is allowed to play the shofar on shabbas, but we don't do it because it is not allowed to carry it outside the private in every shul there are at least 4 shofars...why not play them, they have not moved!  That is if the Eruve doesn't solve your problem.
The fear is serious, perhaps one person at any time in history will break the laws of Shabbas regarding the shofar!  That would mean disproving that 600 000 miraculously abided by any of the three day miracles stated above.  Here regarding the Shofar, we too are abiding by the perfect shabbas rule.  As you know the shofar is Na Nach, which we will ALL be saying...and on that very day the NATIONS will unite and all 70 will keep the oath given to Josef with Messiah ben Jehuda (David) leading them.  What if a person blows it?  Must have followed a false Rabbi and there is a way to merit heaven even after having had such a life.

Since we are the tribe of Josef our only remaining challenge is to unite.  This tribe has a tendency to want to keep the Torah to themselves, but Rabbi Nachman says that is the cause of all brotherly feuds and disagreements.  These disagreements in turn prevent the 70 nations from bringing the bones.(just be together and I will be with you).

The two remedies are: 1)singing Na Nach and erasing the sadness and feud from our hearts. (He who has sadness should give a gift to the returning Tzaddik (sefer ha middot)).  2) To reveal torah to the nations and this way the cause of the conflict disappears (nothing left to hide).

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