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Friday, March 3, 2017

Josef can't bring Josef, but Yehuda can!

The blessing of the Gd of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob goes ONLY to the children born to Josef AFTER Efraim and Menashe.  This tribe could not exist until Rachel had a second Rachel-milk drinking son (not a wolf/pig-milk drinking son).

Yehud would turn in his grave until Narchon jumped in the sea, because getting Josef out was a promise he knew he had to keep, like the promise he made to Tamar when he thought she was a hooker.  Like Esav, Yehuda tried to influence the Canaanites, unsuccessfully...but when he was about to lose his only chance at continuing the mission he repented and was willing to lose his honor by admitting the truth.  Obviously the mission DID mean something to him.

The Nation of Israel was born at Mt Sinai when we spent 3 days away from women all 600 000 of us, diue to Moses successfully guessing Gd wanted a three day abstention not a 2 day abstention like he had ordered Moses.  This miracle turned us into the TRIBE OF JOSEF.

70 for fathers had made the promise to take Josefs' bones out of Egypt.  Gd didn't let this happen! Although the elders all went together with Moses when he mentionned the "pakadpakadeti" oath, not one in 600 000 was ready to assist Moses to find the bones.  Except Serach bat Asher and she should have married Josef, was a convert and lived longer than any woman so she could bury her HUSBAND in the proper place,. Serach, Moses and Yehoshua are all from Josef since the two last were born in the water where Josef was buried.  Josef took himself out of Egypt!  The Promise still has not been kept.

Yehuda is a man of his word.  Yehuda will fulfill the mitsvah!  It is when Yehuda brings Rabbi Nachman that the cure to the tainted milk will be evident and the laws will be improoved.  Kind David is the king of Kindness and of the oath three nations have the word oath in their name.  USA ENGLAND AND SOVIET UNION (not Rasha).  Here we can find the reason why Israel can only accept Rabbi Nachman but not BRING HIM.

The Israeli Government needs to ask for him.  This was done by President Hertzog, and Leonid Kravtchuk the founder of Ukraine gave his approval to the project.  Since these promises were made and not kept, the status of UKRAINE as one of the 70 nations is is at stake!  THEY MUST KEEP THEIR WORD,  even if Gd forbid, evil people inside the Israeli government try to prevent this.

The Arabs will most likely welcome Rabbi Nachman on Temple Mount, and if they don't AGAIN this is work of the magicians.  No one needs to pay attention to them.

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