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Friday, March 31, 2017

Formula to UNITE (part 1) ...Am Israel or the whole world

 (for the coming hunting down of the Amalekites (who will be protected by Gd))

I jumped the gun a bit, so you know what the goal is.
Usually the goal is always the first part of any plan (sof ha maase be machava techila).

Why is uniting so important? what about the ten commandments, it doesn't say there that we need to unite?

The ten commandments also don't mention not to lust after food, money and sex.  The Ten Commandments decreed by Gd, not man do not make a fuss about these things however humans have discovered that keeping the ten commandments in our "human condition" requires overcoming these three natural urges (food,sex, money, (drugs)).

What did Gd do to help humans reach his goal?

3 days against money (3 dark days in Egypt during which Jews identified  the location of the Egyptian treasure Gd altered their nature so that none took any Egyptian Gold)
3 days against sex (When Moses took on 3 instead of two days of chastity allowing the Egyptians that had been voluntarily righteous in delivering all their treasure to join the flock and be altered along with the Jews).
3 days against gluttony (When Jews and their friends fasted for 3 days in 127 provinces out of respect for Queen Esther, for the Jews it was easy since Gd "altered them" for the the gentiles this was an incredible feat of will and they also were able to join the flock).


Is this the reason  (Fast of Esther) Saba tells us that Rabbi Nachman said Messiah ben David will be very precise on the rules of washing your hands before eating bread?

Religious people all over the word do/will actually thank the Lord before eating.  The next step is to wash for bread, why is this necessary?

Mordecai Vrs Haman (Ha = Have Man= Manna)

The source of the Manna is Moses and the source of the wheat is Nachman/Josef this is Messiah Ben Yosef or Kingdom of Saul. Code number: 17/tov.  Symbol: the Bull/Prosperity.

Keeping the covenant of thanking the Lord before and after eating is a great mitsvah (the oath from above, that which comes out of the mouth as opposed to the sex).

Gentiles have not experienced the alteration that took place at Sinai.  Does it make them any less worthy?

Would Gd not let them have a chance to be as good as possible?

The oath from above takes more effort than the oath from below. Josef born from Rachels tears (20 YEARS) had absolutely no carnal lusts and could not understand the behavior of his own brothers.  What was impressive was that the lustful Yehuda was ready to humiliate himself in order to save the only offspring that could promote the word of Gd to the world.  The mission was everything to Yehuda in spite of his very "human" qualities.  Therefore Yehuda's word became sacred (Esav's head is buried in Hebron, but not his body).

Josef born perfect had to be made to suffer his way to an even higher level.
Yehuda who was not born this way and was very accepted by all had to humiliate himself in order to reach the truth and become the true leader that could unite and bring peace and kindness to the world.

Michal looks (AT) the window and doesn't understand that David is dancing for Gd to open up her womb (because of that dance she would have had quite a prince), all she sees is that she is not worthy, but she projects this on him.  Michal needs to look at David in a new light.  He is the King, she is only the queen.  He is the one that can make her have children, and if she is not ready and willing to see what everyone else does, that King David loves Gd and is teaching Torah to everyone because we are all the children of Gd and children of King David, then Moses and Mordechai will point out that Queen Esther and Grandma Rachel have many worthy children, that will be ready to confront Gd himself in order to fulfill the commandment of wiping out Amalek.  Gd will laugh and say "my children have defeated me".


when we say Na Nach Nachma Nachman or Please rest in Peace Nachman.  When we wake up at midnight and lose sleep over this.  When we take our violins and offer the bird sacrifice (each violin has the name of a bird) every night and take the oath to be happy all day and share our joy with others!! Like our father and King, David.  Then old King Shaul will admit that this is the only way to defeat Amalek and he will admit he is wrong probably as happily as Gd is to be defeated by his children, now united again.

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