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Sunday, March 19, 2017

A case for the Gentile who had the red Heifer

The Red Heifer, purifies by flipping a situation on it's head.  The story goes that the stone of Benjamin had been lost from the Urim of the Cohen Ha Gadol.  Everyone knew where such a stone estimated at 100 gold pieces could be found.  The Goy who lived in Ashkelon and had this stone was very pleased to sell it but his sleeping father held the key in his hands so he refused to priestly delegation to give them the stone. The price rapidly rose to 1000,- (priests are not good businessmen) to no avail, not at the normal price or at any price.  The priests left and really didn't know what to do next, soon this goy came running after them and told them they could have the stone.  They would have paid anything for it by this time but he wanted only 100 pieces and to their amazement he told them he had only been waiting for his father to wake up.

When ashes of a red heifer were needed this goy experienced a miracle, a red heifer was born to his flock!!!  The value of a red Heifer is it's weight in gold!~

Esav respected his father.  Benjamin (the wolf) was the right arm of his father and had no mother!

The father is the one who dispenses teaching, so a Hassid is the "child" of his teacher!

When a Gentile respects the teachings of his father and patiently waits for him to wake up to the reality of who the tribe of Josef really is and that Rabbi Nachman is the one that even Moses knew we had to wait for, the Bull himself and the opposite of the Golden Calf, the one without which we can never experience the final redemption (or splitting of the sea of falsehood).

That Gentile will merit to purify all of Israel including the tribe of ROME, by bringing to them the teachings of the BULL, that Gentile the one that will keep the word of his father and of Juda will become the leader of the tribe of the LION and the 70 nations will rally and surge up behind him, bringing peace to this and other planets.

United we will pursue and destroy the Amalekites and Gd will test our resolve by actually being on the side of the Amalekites hoping his sons will defeat him and fulfill his will!  STAR WARS FOR REAL

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