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Friday, March 31, 2017

Formula to UNITE (part 1) ...Am Israel or the whole world

 (for the coming hunting down of the Amalekites (who will be protected by Gd))

I jumped the gun a bit, so you know what the goal is.
Usually the goal is always the first part of any plan (sof ha maase be machava techila).

Why is uniting so important? what about the ten commandments, it doesn't say there that we need to unite?

The ten commandments also don't mention not to lust after food, money and sex.  The Ten Commandments decreed by Gd, not man do not make a fuss about these things however humans have discovered that keeping the ten commandments in our "human condition" requires overcoming these three natural urges (food,sex, money, (drugs)).

What did Gd do to help humans reach his goal?

3 days against money (3 dark days in Egypt during which Jews identified  the location of the Egyptian treasure Gd altered their nature so that none took any Egyptian Gold)
3 days against sex (When Moses took on 3 instead of two days of chastity allowing the Egyptians that had been voluntarily righteous in delivering all their treasure to join the flock and be altered along with the Jews).
3 days against gluttony (When Jews and their friends fasted for 3 days in 127 provinces out of respect for Queen Esther, for the Jews it was easy since Gd "altered them" for the the gentiles this was an incredible feat of will and they also were able to join the flock).


Is this the reason  (Fast of Esther) Saba tells us that Rabbi Nachman said Messiah ben David will be very precise on the rules of washing your hands before eating bread?

Religious people all over the word do/will actually thank the Lord before eating.  The next step is to wash for bread, why is this necessary?

Mordecai Vrs Haman (Ha = Have Man= Manna)

The source of the Manna is Moses and the source of the wheat is Nachman/Josef this is Messiah Ben Yosef or Kingdom of Saul. Code number: 17/tov.  Symbol: the Bull/Prosperity.

Keeping the covenant of thanking the Lord before and after eating is a great mitsvah (the oath from above, that which comes out of the mouth as opposed to the sex).

Gentiles have not experienced the alteration that took place at Sinai.  Does it make them any less worthy?

Would Gd not let them have a chance to be as good as possible?

The oath from above takes more effort than the oath from below. Josef born from Rachels tears (20 YEARS) had absolutely no carnal lusts and could not understand the behavior of his own brothers.  What was impressive was that the lustful Yehuda was ready to humiliate himself in order to save the only offspring that could promote the word of Gd to the world.  The mission was everything to Yehuda in spite of his very "human" qualities.  Therefore Yehuda's word became sacred (Esav's head is buried in Hebron, but not his body).

Josef born perfect had to be made to suffer his way to an even higher level.
Yehuda who was not born this way and was very accepted by all had to humiliate himself in order to reach the truth and become the true leader that could unite and bring peace and kindness to the world.

Michal looks (AT) the window and doesn't understand that David is dancing for Gd to open up her womb (because of that dance she would have had quite a prince), all she sees is that she is not worthy, but she projects this on him.  Michal needs to look at David in a new light.  He is the King, she is only the queen.  He is the one that can make her have children, and if she is not ready and willing to see what everyone else does, that King David loves Gd and is teaching Torah to everyone because we are all the children of Gd and children of King David, then Moses and Mordechai will point out that Queen Esther and Grandma Rachel have many worthy children, that will be ready to confront Gd himself in order to fulfill the commandment of wiping out Amalek.  Gd will laugh and say "my children have defeated me".


when we say Na Nach Nachma Nachman or Please rest in Peace Nachman.  When we wake up at midnight and lose sleep over this.  When we take our violins and offer the bird sacrifice (each violin has the name of a bird) every night and take the oath to be happy all day and share our joy with others!! Like our father and King, David.  Then old King Shaul will admit that this is the only way to defeat Amalek and he will admit he is wrong probably as happily as Gd is to be defeated by his children, now united again.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Super Hiddush! More Proof we are already the tribe of Josef, even those NOT following Rabbi Nachman:

Three days without women at Mt Sinai,
three days without food in 127 countries during the fast of Esther and
three days no one touched the money of the Egyptians during the plague of Darkness!

 So what about the Golden Calf?

The calf is the son of the bull (Josef) who is the source of wealth (even at wall street).  A replacement for Josef was not possible if Moses didn't come down because who would carry the bones?  Anyhow we did not and are not required to carry the bones because the 70 that promised are the sons of Jacob but not of Josef!!!

However there is a part of the population that didn't participate in the plague of Darkness and are not rid of their lust for money...the Erev Rav.

Besides the Erev rav only 2/3 Jewish, is there a danger to our status of "above nature"?

Yes, the Halachas of the shofar.  It is allowed to play the shofar on shabbas, but we don't do it because it is not allowed to carry it outside the private in every shul there are at least 4 shofars...why not play them, they have not moved!  That is if the Eruve doesn't solve your problem.
The fear is serious, perhaps one person at any time in history will break the laws of Shabbas regarding the shofar!  That would mean disproving that 600 000 miraculously abided by any of the three day miracles stated above.  Here regarding the Shofar, we too are abiding by the perfect shabbas rule.  As you know the shofar is Na Nach, which we will ALL be saying...and on that very day the NATIONS will unite and all 70 will keep the oath given to Josef with Messiah ben Jehuda (David) leading them.  What if a person blows it?  Must have followed a false Rabbi and there is a way to merit heaven even after having had such a life.

Since we are the tribe of Josef our only remaining challenge is to unite.  This tribe has a tendency to want to keep the Torah to themselves, but Rabbi Nachman says that is the cause of all brotherly feuds and disagreements.  These disagreements in turn prevent the 70 nations from bringing the bones.(just be together and I will be with you).

The two remedies are: 1)singing Na Nach and erasing the sadness and feud from our hearts. (He who has sadness should give a gift to the returning Tzaddik (sefer ha middot)).  2) To reveal torah to the nations and this way the cause of the conflict disappears (nothing left to hide).

Monday, March 20, 2017

New Translation of Meshivas Nefesh in English - Free Download

The Chavarim were working on this for around 5 years. Now B"H it is done and available for free download.



(recorded conversations dating to before these people were on the Shekel banknotes)

In whatyear did you know Breslev?
70 years ago, at that time there was a big prejudice against Breslev, no one wanted to approach Breslev books!
I learned that Rabbi Kook also studied Breslev books.
Yes, I also am aware of that!  I saw him and spoke to him.
Saba, I heard that also the Hafets Haim in Poland had a student, Matetiaou Cohen, and during his trip to Uman, the Hafets Haiim helped him to carry his suitcases to the train.
Did the Rav Tsvi Yehuda Kook also know aboput the Petek?
No, I only showed the Petek to Shazar who told me the following thing:  "keep this paper preciously because a day will come when it will conquer the world!"
Shazar said that?
Yes! Shazar was not at all religious, he did nothing, not even Shabbas... thanks to Rabbenu he did Tchouva.  Before that he traveled each Shabbas from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv for the meetings with the Histadrout (Central Syndicate).  As soon as he knew Rabenu, he interrupted his trips, and he ceased to desecrate SHabbas.  He started praying each day with Tallit and Tefiillin.  But he had many conflicts with his family,  because his wife was opposed to his return to Judaism...
What other famous people did you return to the path?
Agnon.  A very tight connection was created between us!  I also met Martin Buber.  He was not religious and had a very sick heart.  But it was Agnon that completely erased himself before me!
Agnon did tchouva?
Yes, I would visit him at home.  He loved hearing the words of Rabenu and everything related to Breslev! He was a terrifying figurehe nullified himself without any concern for his honor!  Once I met him in Tel Aviv.  Seeing me he felt a great joy, something completely unusual! Other famous people approached Rabbenu like for example Hilen Tsilin.  Like Shazar he was a heretic but as soon as he merited to hear the words of Rabbenu, then...He was a very talented person a real Jewish heart...we would call him the religious philosopher!
Did you know Bialik?
I already saw him.
Did you know him well?
No, but there were others...There was someone very famous in Russia and Poland....
I could go to the home of (President Zalman Shazar) when I wanted to...Shazar told me "I have a real friend, he is called Israel Ber Odesser!  of the whole Parlement, I am his only friend!"  Someone who wants to come to me must take an invitation.  He said in front of all the members of the parliamentary assembly that I am his most precious friend... and everyone looked at me with a disapproving look  "Israel Ber is coming from Tiberias to say hello to President Shazar" ... He then took a decision to say hello but silently and discreetly.
I was the only friend of President Shazar.  It was at least what he declared.  His other friends were Ben-Gurion and Moshe Sharet, the minister of Foreign Affairs.   Sharet asked the President: "Who is he?" and he answered, "He is my best friend."
He gave the name to the book "Ebay Ha Nachal" whose initials are Israel Ber Odesser.  Do you have this book?  Try to get the book "Ebay Ha Nachal", then you will be a Breslever Hassid! Get the book "Ebay Ha Nachal"... with the letters I wrote to the President Shazar.
The book "Ebay Ha Nachal" and the letters to Shazar, you have also given to President Hertzog?
Yes! He would go read them with President Ben Tsvi, each letter that I sent him.  In these letters was written "the main thing is Rabbi Nachman".  They were in agreement with all my letters and they had a great impact on them.  They were very impressed by these letters and it is a mitsvah to publish them! (the largest zionist press in Israel is the Maon Zalman Shazar they have rejected my request they publish this book). Shazar and Ben Tsvi were intimate friends.  While Ben Tsvi was president, Shazar would go in to him each day to show him the letters.  As for me, I was in Tiberias and one day at the Hotel of Tiberias, I gave him this gift, the book "likoutey Halachot".
Concerning the letters both believed this was already the geula (redemption).
Did President Hertzog also write letters to you?
Yes. Have you seen these letters?
He writes that it is very very...
"These letters unite the people of Israel.   It is a big thing that this book Ebay Ha Nachal exists"(Hertzog)
President Shazar had to keep the closeness of our relationship secret or he would have been thrown out of the Jewish Agency.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Saintliness is not predetermined but based on effort and honest work

A case for the Gentile who had the red Heifer

The Red Heifer, purifies by flipping a situation on it's head.  The story goes that the stone of Benjamin had been lost from the Urim of the Cohen Ha Gadol.  Everyone knew where such a stone estimated at 100 gold pieces could be found.  The Goy who lived in Ashkelon and had this stone was very pleased to sell it but his sleeping father held the key in his hands so he refused to priestly delegation to give them the stone. The price rapidly rose to 1000,- (priests are not good businessmen) to no avail, not at the normal price or at any price.  The priests left and really didn't know what to do next, soon this goy came running after them and told them they could have the stone.  They would have paid anything for it by this time but he wanted only 100 pieces and to their amazement he told them he had only been waiting for his father to wake up.

When ashes of a red heifer were needed this goy experienced a miracle, a red heifer was born to his flock!!!  The value of a red Heifer is it's weight in gold!~

Esav respected his father.  Benjamin (the wolf) was the right arm of his father and had no mother!

The father is the one who dispenses teaching, so a Hassid is the "child" of his teacher!

When a Gentile respects the teachings of his father and patiently waits for him to wake up to the reality of who the tribe of Josef really is and that Rabbi Nachman is the one that even Moses knew we had to wait for, the Bull himself and the opposite of the Golden Calf, the one without which we can never experience the final redemption (or splitting of the sea of falsehood).

That Gentile will merit to purify all of Israel including the tribe of ROME, by bringing to them the teachings of the BULL, that Gentile the one that will keep the word of his father and of Juda will become the leader of the tribe of the LION and the 70 nations will rally and surge up behind him, bringing peace to this and other planets.

United we will pursue and destroy the Amalekites and Gd will test our resolve by actually being on the side of the Amalekites hoping his sons will defeat him and fulfill his will!  STAR WARS FOR REAL

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Why I intend to call my son Donald Yehuda!

Last leg before ...either or...

I plan on calling my kid, Donald Yehuda here is why:

It is not the job of Israelis to bring Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem and put him on Temple Mount, it is the Job of the Gentiles!

Not Really.

At Mount Sinai, when Gd prevented us from breaking the personal commandment of Moses for three days, he gave us all a Brit Mila from below... how else could 600 000 people not sleep with their wives for 3 days? not even Korach!

Similarly, even though the elders all followed Moses when he announced Pakod Pakodeti "meaning we are about to take Josef out" not one in 600 000 did what Moses requested and the legend goes that he asked personally every single Hebrew for help.  This is very strange, why wouldn't one p[person help the very prestigious Moses.

The Hebrews could not fulfill this command because we were destined to become the tribe of JOSEF at Mt Sinai and get the blessing of the GOD of Abraham Isaac and Jacob.

What about the gentiles?  The 70 nations?

Those 70 nations correspond to the 70 people that made the pakod pakodeti promise.
Those children of Israel that are NOT from the tribe of Josef.

Who is the one to lead them?

Why does he lead them?

Josef was very kosher and pure with the brit from below, but Yehuda, about to lose his 4th child failed to the cause of Gd admitted his guilt and failure and in doing so proved that he was a man of his word.  The Brit from above (mila means word).  Be it Britain or The lands of the Brit (USA) or Brit ha Moatsa (USSR!!!) the 70 nations are not expected to act like nuns and monks, they are expected however to make good on the promise and that would be bringing the bones of Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem.

How Rabbi Nachman is the real second son of Rachel and not Benyamin as everyone thinks is another lesson, but I have already explained this on this blog.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Friday, March 3, 2017

The primary essence of exile is lack of belief

Josef can't bring Josef, but Yehuda can!

The blessing of the Gd of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob goes ONLY to the children born to Josef AFTER Efraim and Menashe.  This tribe could not exist until Rachel had a second Rachel-milk drinking son (not a wolf/pig-milk drinking son).

Yehud would turn in his grave until Narchon jumped in the sea, because getting Josef out was a promise he knew he had to keep, like the promise he made to Tamar when he thought she was a hooker.  Like Esav, Yehuda tried to influence the Canaanites, unsuccessfully...but when he was about to lose his only chance at continuing the mission he repented and was willing to lose his honor by admitting the truth.  Obviously the mission DID mean something to him.

The Nation of Israel was born at Mt Sinai when we spent 3 days away from women all 600 000 of us, diue to Moses successfully guessing Gd wanted a three day abstention not a 2 day abstention like he had ordered Moses.  This miracle turned us into the TRIBE OF JOSEF.

70 for fathers had made the promise to take Josefs' bones out of Egypt.  Gd didn't let this happen! Although the elders all went together with Moses when he mentionned the "pakadpakadeti" oath, not one in 600 000 was ready to assist Moses to find the bones.  Except Serach bat Asher and she should have married Josef, was a convert and lived longer than any woman so she could bury her HUSBAND in the proper place,. Serach, Moses and Yehoshua are all from Josef since the two last were born in the water where Josef was buried.  Josef took himself out of Egypt!  The Promise still has not been kept.

Yehuda is a man of his word.  Yehuda will fulfill the mitsvah!  It is when Yehuda brings Rabbi Nachman that the cure to the tainted milk will be evident and the laws will be improoved.  Kind David is the king of Kindness and of the oath three nations have the word oath in their name.  USA ENGLAND AND SOVIET UNION (not Rasha).  Here we can find the reason why Israel can only accept Rabbi Nachman but not BRING HIM.

The Israeli Government needs to ask for him.  This was done by President Hertzog, and Leonid Kravtchuk the founder of Ukraine gave his approval to the project.  Since these promises were made and not kept, the status of UKRAINE as one of the 70 nations is is at stake!  THEY MUST KEEP THEIR WORD,  even if Gd forbid, evil people inside the Israeli government try to prevent this.

The Arabs will most likely welcome Rabbi Nachman on Temple Mount, and if they don't AGAIN this is work of the magicians.  No one needs to pay attention to them.

Thursday, March 2, 2017