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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Why and how are Jews different?

The way a Jewish slave goes into servitude and a non Jewish slave does are different.
You might disagree with Moses, but you would then be forming a new religion.
Jews are not the same according to the old book.

Why is a Jewish slave told to leave his master and be free after he has paid his sentence and what good reason would he have not to do so?

If you were the slave of the Rambam, would you want to leave? If you were serving Moses, would you want to leave?  If you were a very close disciple of Rabbi Nachman?  Maybe even Eliezer of Damascus... was circumbsized or not?  The slave of Rambam had his ear pierced!

Why do this, by the door post, really what a crazy idea for Jews to do this?  The only mutilation that can be done is the brit at 8 days.

The Mezuza has the name of Gd on it and it was Gd himself that passed by the doorposts in Egypt, not an angel!

Our calendar starts with the creation not the anniversary of a saint, not even Moses.  We are buried with only Jewish dates on our tombstones.

In Aushwitz they wrote "never again" thinking of the massacre you could tend to think to never let this horror again, therefore "never forget", but how can we stop the will of Gd or does it mean there is no Gd and it is up to us to prevent this by remembering that Gd did not step in (apparently).


His name is on the Mezuza, he watches over every Jewish home for it is a temple to HIM and not to an angel.  Every Jew must have HIS temple!  His HALF A SHEKEL stays put. He and his wife will never be slaves of men.

I suggest strongly that the Malchut Chessed start using the JEWISH calendar which is in fact the calendar of the Gd of all creation. Because the Malchut Hessed is the Kingdom of David and of the revealed Torah and it is Yehuda that keeps his promises and will bring Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem.

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The villager said...

Israelis are rapidly becoming the tribe of Josef... it is not their job to get Josef here. Yehuda must do it.