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Why and how are Jews different?

The way a Jewish slave goes into servitude and a non Jewish slave does are different.
You might disagree with Moses, but you would then be forming a new religion.
Jews are not the same according to the old book.

Why is a Jewish slave told to leave his master and be free after he has paid his sentence and what good reason would he have not to do so?

If you were the slave of the Rambam, would you want to leave? If you were serving Moses, would you want to leave?  If you were a very close disciple of Rabbi Nachman?  Maybe even Eliezer of Damascus... was circumbsized or not?  The slave of Rambam had his ear pierced!

Why do this, by the door post, really what a crazy idea for Jews to do this?  The only mutilation that can be done is the brit at 8 days.

The Mezuza has the name of Gd on it and it was Gd himself that passed by the doorposts in Egypt, not an angel!

Our calendar starts with the creation not the anniversary of a saint, not even Moses.  We are buried with only Jewish dates on our tombstones.

In Aushwitz they wrote "never again" thinking of the massacre you could tend to think to never let this horror again, therefore "never forget", but how can we stop the will of Gd or does it mean there is no Gd and it is up to us to prevent this by remembering that Gd did not step in (apparently).


His name is on the Mezuza, he watches over every Jewish home for it is a temple to HIM and not to an angel.  Every Jew must have HIS temple!  His HALF A SHEKEL stays put. He and his wife will never be slaves of men.

I suggest strongly that the Malchut Chessed start using the JEWISH calendar which is in fact the calendar of the Gd of all creation. Because the Malchut Hessed is the Kingdom of David and of the revealed Torah and it is Yehuda that keeps his promises and will bring Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem.

Giving charity opens gates

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Holy arrogance! Holy brazenness! Holy chutzpah!

The MOST important info you have ever heard!

Saba said:

"he who knows the petek is a Talmid Chocham"

So what?

Imagine your 3yr old knows it?  He said Na Nach before saying Mommy or Daddy!

Now when he studies Torah or Gemarah, Mishnah, Poskim he is not a young boy, he is studying it like a Talmid Chocham.

How do you rate this suggestion? from 1 to 10???

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Clapping hands during prayer banishes polluted atmosphere and channels a...

How to defeat Amalek ?

How many horses were really left in Egypt when Pharaoh with a hardened heart, lead the  charge after the former slaves? How was he able to recruit all the chariots of Egypt, considering that the country was destroyed? How is this relevant to Na Nach?
There had been three pleagues against the "animals" of Egypt.  The first one wiped out (EVERY SINGLE) domestic animal from the fields.  The second one (EVERY SINGLE) domestic animal in the barns.  The third one (EVERY SINGLE) WILD!! animal not captured and saved by 'good hearted (or hungry) Egyptians'.  What could Pharaoh use to pull the chariots of the dead first born?
Gd heardened his heart by allowing his magic to produce horses out of any animal (including for example the rats they were raising for food..inspiration for the cinderella story?, think about the importance of the shoe in both the stories).  Sure if you can create great stallions and turn all the chariots of Egypt into formidable battle wagons lead by three great powerful steeds, then of course you have a fearsome army and the slaves should be afraid!
Why did Gd "re-animate" a dead Egypt just to kill them again?
The midrash says that it was easy for Gd to take us out of Egypt physically but very hard to take Egypt out of us and that was what the re-destruction of Egypt was supposed to do.
What is crucial here is the word EVERY SINGLE because every single Hebrew was saved while every single  Egyptian was destroyed.  This is reflected in the later passage where Amalek is confronted from generation to generation until one day EVERY SINGLE Amalekite will dissapear.  The hands of Moses would go down forcefully and Ahron and Hur paid a terrible price for keeping the hands of Moses up by force.  They were supposed to be a beit Din and accept the will of Moses not CONTRADICT it!  KNowing the Amalekite are cowards and only come forth when they think they can win MOses was bringing his hands up and down.  This was also weeding out the imperfect Israel before we arrived at Mt Sinai where the three days of abstention brought everyone to a new "human" level.  The imperfect fighters that survived Amalek could now become the Erev Rav adding a new internal problem greater than Amalek.
Logically, the Erev Rav will now get their chance to fight Amalek and die doing it,  in this way they will finish their tikkun very honorably indeed.  In my opinion Amalek is no match for these folks, but Gd is on the side of the one who is fleeing not the one who is chasing, so obviously this is going to be an epic battle.

Why Bring Rabbi Naschmans bones...please comment

When talking about Rabbi Nachman, you need to start with “in the beginning”, in fact it preceeds in the beginning, it starts with Israel, yes... “is - real”!
The last word is Israel, the “eyes of all Israel”. the first word is Besershit (in the beginning) in two word Ber, asit (“a well (water) you made”).  Rabbi Nachman is the everflowing source of wisdome.
Before creating the Heavens and the earth G-d  created Israel Ber !  The first and last letters for the word lev or HEART!
Coincidences do not exist in the religious world.  No such thing as chance everything is divine will.  The maxims of the father state that the greatest quality possible is to have a good heart.  This essay is about the heart of creation.
We will not be discussing the teachings of Rabbi Nachman here, not at all! we will be getting into the “bones” of what the Nachman issue is about.  What makes Rabbi Nachman DIFFERENT from all the saints in history.  Why does humanity need to work together to bring his bones to Jerusalem.  Why is this so hard to accomplish.  How can this be done?   What we expect the results to be.
Peace, is beneficial to all creation.  The scriptures mention a time when the lamb and the wolf (Isea 11:6)  will dwell together, this may not be the opinion of empirical or Gaya scientists, yet prophesy it certainly is.
…5Also righteousness will be the belt about His loins, And faithfulness the belt about His waist. 6And the wolf will dwell with the lamb, And the leopard will lie down with the young goat, And the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; And a little boy will lead them. 7Also the cow and the bear will graze, Their young will lie down together, And the lion will eat straw like the ox.…
If you have a clear idea of how to make this come about then please make us aware of it, and if you don't....bear with me (patiently) because this is exactly what I am about to describe in this essay of only a few pages, I even promise a tactical plan of action.
Imagine theoretically that what I am saying is true.  If so, and it really is Gds plan to bring peace to his creation as it was only created as a result of the intent to create Israel Ber, the key word being Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman (please rest in peace Nachman from Uman) Then the main issue in the ranks of the Devil would be to prevent Rabbi Nachman of ever resting in peace.  As long as Rabbi Nachman doesn't rest in Peace, there is no Peace and vice versa.
Before passing away Rabbi Nachman said something very strange: "What are you worried about I am going before you? ah, just stick together and I will be with you!".
Rabbi Nachman was not talking about heaven since we are not worried that he will get there. Why would he come back down because we are acting well, wouldn't it be us going up which is the prefered choice.
Here is what he meant with his dying breath:
He also said things like, "my place is only Israel" and "Everywhere I am going I am walking to Israel" (WALKING: this is also alluded to when he tells Rabbi Natan that his scurrying about to rent a coach was exactly as if he had walked to his destination.. confirmed by environmentalists that the real speed of a car is 7 mph if you include the real costs involved and the time it takes to earn the money).  Carrying the bones of Josef was done exclusively by Moses and Joshua Ben Nun and they relied on no other means of transportation for this then their very legs, although oxen carts were available.  Walking on the earth has a very spiritual significance as we know for example from the three yearly  pilgrimages called "regel' meaning foot and must be done on foot by adult males.  Rabbi Nachman states that the earth is the center of the Universe and acts like the spoke of a wheel. One mile here is light years in heaven.
The 40 years in the desert, seemed like punishment, but never have we reached a higher level then that.  Instead of dwelling among us in the Temple, when we were marching Gd would surround us from every side!
No these are not irrelevant associations of facts.  This is exactly the situation that will exist when, like the bones of Jacob, the leaders of the world will carry the bones of Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem.
The destruction of the Temple took place 70 AD. There were 70 years between 1st and 2ond temples.  There are 70 members of the governing body the San Hedrin. There are 70 nations.  Adam the first man gave 70 years of his life to King David and now the average life expectancy is 70 years.  Eve who brought death to the world experiences 70 birth pains.
Samson requests the annihilation of "falshood" in one time, as revenge for his two eyes!  Eye in Hebrew is 70.  Josef was "ben pourat ale ayn" protected from the Evil eye.  He was born from 20 years of tears of Rachel, the second son is not a wolf.  Children of Romolus and Remus, the milk of a wolf has made you crazy!  The scond eye of Shimshon, the result of 4000 years of tears of Rachel is Nachman or Nachamo Nachmo (consolation) "ish lo needar" a man will not be missing!  This is the Haftorah of the 9th of Av anniversary of the destruction of the Temple.
All those sad things associated with the number 70 and all tears will be wiped off from the face of the earth!  Messiah Ben Josef is associated with 17 (like Moses, Josef, Israel) and is the weath of the world.  Messiah ben David is Chessed (USA Kingdom of Kindness (Saba Israel)) and he will conquer using force, but will win without having to fire a shot!

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A Nanach said makes the klipa dead!

HH finally a new addition to the amazing series-playlist Who Said to Whom

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