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Thursday, January 12, 2017

You can always be happy that you were not made a goy!

Yes, sure but why not say "Thank Gd I am a Jew"?

Because it doesn't mean the same thing, does it?

If Jacob the first Jew made a solemn oath before he even met his wives, concubines and became the grandfather of a tribe of 70, we need to keep this oath for him to acknowledge any association with us, or for us to be members of his tribe (s).

Got cloths you actually wear, bread you can actually eat?

You must give 10% or you are not from his tribe.


70 promised to Josef, by divine command to take his bones out when they left Egypt.  Not one in 600 000 made good on that promise.  so basically we are all here ONLY by the merit of Moses, that makes US the "erev rav".

Now that we have things in perspective, you can be happy you were not made a Goy, and you have a reasonable chance to go to hell by betraying Moses, or by attaching yourself to him, you can be an Erev Rav until you start giving 10% and keeping the original oath and in this way you will come out being responsible for your own destiny as opposed to those who don't even have a choice.

Here is a great way to solve the problem quick:

של רבי נחמן מאומן לקבורה בהר ציון-ירושלים

במסגרת הפדרציה העולמית, ייסדנו קופת תרומות למטרה הנעלה הנ"ל.

תרום וקבל פטור על תרומתך.

בכל שאלה והבהרה נא לפנות למרדכי ספירו נייד: 055-6628753


Under the auspices of the World Federation, we have prepared an account for donations dedicated to the performing the above operation.

Donate and receive a tax deduction for your contribution.
Address all your questions regarding transfer of funds to Mordecai Spiro:


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