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Monday, January 2, 2017

Why send them back and forth with gold?

Saba would make fun of lust and especially lust for money (kesef- silver). When all the guys on the bills are the co authors of his book and his name is Odesser (10) this is not much of a surprise. If Pashout Cafoul Shoulash Rouba (single double triple quadruple) spells cashofar (like a shofar) and you know that the silver trumpets made by Moshe where to be blown only by Cohens and the Cohens of Egypt only existed during the reign of Josef (before and after there were sorcerers).  If those cannibals can be called Cohens and actually act decent, when they back Josef, then the one who calls out Na Nach is most certainly a Talmid Chocham (student of the Wise) and is a Cohen.

So why carry gold in those precious bags from Canaan to Egypt by donkey.  Why use so many steps and shoes for heavy useless gold, when children are starving?  Totem pole brains that's why.

Josef was trying to make something sink in through the effort being made.

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