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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The World Federation for Moroccan Jewry has a fund

for Bringing Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem:

geoffrey max Mordecai

12:49 PM (0 minutes ago)
to סם

Under the auspices of the World Federation, we have prepared an account for donations dedicated to the implementing of the above operation.

Donate and receive a tax deduction for your contribution.

Address all your questions regarding transfer of funds to Mordecai Spiro:

Did you know that the command and oath to take Josef's bones out of Egypt came before Josef died?

Did you know that the oath to give 10% on condition that we had cloths to wear and bread to eat came before Jacob even met his zivoug?

Both came LONG BEFORE Mt Zion (Har Zion) or our nation became a nation of the Brit and of the Torah.  THEREFORE

Please do not be foolish and make sure to always give 10% when you have counted your income each month.  ONE excellent place to put it is in this account to bring Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem.  This is because our Naase ve Nishma (we will do and hear) is the condition for receiving the Torah and the doing of the oath is a prelude to everything else.  There can be no real exit from Egypt without Pakod Pakodeti (the removal of the bones).  No one but Moses, Yehoshua, Serach and Josef themselves did the act, and therefore our eyes are still shut and have not been opened yet! (what good is the torah if you cannot see it?)

Saying Na Nach (please rest in peace Nachman) takes on more importance when you keep the promise from before the promise.

You have cloths to wear, you have bread to eat?  Then you need to tith!  The best tith is the tith which is dedicated to fulfilling pakod pakodeti!!!

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