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Wednesday, January 4, 2017


What if Shimon had not enticed Levy to go and "take out" Schem and steal all their gold?

No way Esav would have left the area to go to Edom!

Maybe here we can see the superiority of Rabbi Nachman over Josef..

Josef took Shimon as the "guilty" brother, "revealing" his past, while the others were sent to carry gold back and forth and back again on empty stomachs.

Who was the privileged attendant of Rabbi Nachman if not Rabbi Shimon.  Who had the merit to travel with him to the holy land and not even go for one Rosh Hashana to his grave, but went instead to Israel where he is buried next to the Arie - by miracle - no less than the Arie, the latest "gilgul" of Rabbi Nachman that is buried in the holyland.  Not Rabbi Nachman Hordenker or Rabbi Shimon for example, not the Rambam or anyone else, including Abraham Isaac and Jacob or even Rachel, Shmuel Hanavi or King David.

Do not forget that Rabbi Shimon in 1799 wanted to force Rabbi Nachman to stay in Israel and succeed, possibly changing history and making it necessary to write the Petek on 5566287 date of the Battle of Trafalgar, (not the Battle of Akko).  The revelation of the Petek was made only to Rabbi Shimon (Rabbi Israel is Rabbi Nachman).

So even Josef did not recognize Brother Shimon.

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