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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Cross- hands

Wow, you think the Bachor was NOT on the right side he was! the bracha was from Josef always was always will be Pakod Pakodeti (last words) BY JOSEF!  and who is Josef today ONLY THE SECOND BETTER SON OF RACHEL( Hint; go to the Vatican if you like wolves and those that drink that type of milk if it isn't the blood of their own brothers)

What made Josef SUPER? it wasn't just that he had no father and was born from Rachel's tears (LMb. 67) that was not "freedom of choice".  The merit of Josef was that he cared about people even egyptian prisoners and because he noticed they were not happy he got to interpret their dreams.

He was touched when his brothers repented for the lack of concern they had for the expression on the face of their brother..  (they had killed, sold a brother into slavery, stolen loot, disobeyed and lied to their father etc etc... but what they repented for was the lack of concern for the anguish on the face.

THIS was the place they could find not guilt or hint of guilt in Josef.!!

Bnei Israel are Rachamim, bnei Rachamim.  THIS you cannot take away from someone who is truely Jewish, descendent of Josef.

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