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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Tzaddik "tov" Tzaddik "Chessed" which are we?

The Petek is characterized by the 17. The sign is 17 and also Biz which is a large and small 7 (zayn) surrounding a small "1" (youd).  Those that fear Gd (small or big. when do you do Shabbos for Gd?).

17 is "tov" or Good.  Rabbi Nachman says this is the Tzaddik that hides his learning (LM 283).  Saba would do this.  If he revealed even 1% of his knowledge is very doubtful.  On the other hand, he was adamant about the need to go around saying Na Nach.  In this and the Petek, there is probably more learning than in all of Shass (I would place money on this in a flash).

Josef was also "Tov" his age when he went to Egypt, the amount of "good" years Jacob spent in Egypt and even the amount of years before he appeared before Pharaoh (I think, and this is very important).  Josef was a revealer, but also he didn't reveal the main thing until Gd requested it. "pakod, Pakodeti".

King David who wrote Psalms and taught Torah was in the sign of Chessed.  Saba called the USA "Malchout Hessed" which means the "revealed" Torah.

Josef is criticized for being too vocal and in fact he is claimed to have spent two extra years in prison.  He could have said to his Egyptian boss, that had he really been the man his wife claimed he was, he would never have left the cloths with her, this he didn't say.  He also had no reason to tell the wine betler about how injuste the system was and that he should be let out.  What he could have done instead is told the baker-minister that he would survive a sure death if he told Pharaoh that there was an excellent advisor in the prison and he could avoid problems in the future by asking him to come and serve him in court.  That would have attached the baker-minister to the Tzaddik and even a cannibal can find salvation this way!!  Needless to say no need for a 7 year famine, and the brothers would have been brought to Egypt under more honorable hospices, to fulfill the word of Gd to Abraham.

Tzaddikkim carry an enormous responsibility.  ALL The words of the Tzaddik can only be revealed in Israel, so it is the duty of every Jew to come here including the bones of Rabbi Nachman, if only not to divert Jews from this opportunity.  In other words the Chessed needs to replace the Tov for the word to come from Jerusalem.  "Because from Zion the Torah will come out and the word of Gd from Jerusalem".  The Zion is the grave of Rabbi Nachman and the word of Gd will come from Jerusalem only after the bones are brought here.

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