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Sunday, December 25, 2016

One who slanders the tzadik

Tzaddik "tov" Tzaddik "Chessed" which are we?

The Petek is characterized by the 17. The sign is 17 and also Biz which is a large and small 7 (zayn) surrounding a small "1" (youd).  Those that fear Gd (small or big. when do you do Shabbos for Gd?).

17 is "tov" or Good.  Rabbi Nachman says this is the Tzaddik that hides his learning (LM 283).  Saba would do this.  If he revealed even 1% of his knowledge is very doubtful.  On the other hand, he was adamant about the need to go around saying Na Nach.  In this and the Petek, there is probably more learning than in all of Shass (I would place money on this in a flash).

Josef was also "Tov" his age when he went to Egypt, the amount of "good" years Jacob spent in Egypt and even the amount of years before he appeared before Pharaoh (I think, and this is very important).  Josef was a revealer, but also he didn't reveal the main thing until Gd requested it. "pakod, Pakodeti".

King David who wrote Psalms and taught Torah was in the sign of Chessed.  Saba called the USA "Malchout Hessed" which means the "revealed" Torah.

Josef is criticized for being too vocal and in fact he is claimed to have spent two extra years in prison.  He could have said to his Egyptian boss, that had he really been the man his wife claimed he was, he would never have left the cloths with her, this he didn't say.  He also had no reason to tell the wine betler about how injuste the system was and that he should be let out.  What he could have done instead is told the baker-minister that he would survive a sure death if he told Pharaoh that there was an excellent advisor in the prison and he could avoid problems in the future by asking him to come and serve him in court.  That would have attached the baker-minister to the Tzaddik and even a cannibal can find salvation this way!!  Needless to say no need for a 7 year famine, and the brothers would have been brought to Egypt under more honorable hospices, to fulfill the word of Gd to Abraham.

Tzaddikkim carry an enormous responsibility.  ALL The words of the Tzaddik can only be revealed in Israel, so it is the duty of every Jew to come here including the bones of Rabbi Nachman, if only not to divert Jews from this opportunity.  In other words the Chessed needs to replace the Tov for the word to come from Jerusalem.  "Because from Zion the Torah will come out and the word of Gd from Jerusalem".  The Zion is the grave of Rabbi Nachman and the word of Gd will come from Jerusalem only after the bones are brought here.

Monday, December 19, 2016

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Josef stands in front of his mom, Rachel.  Rashi says, because he could hide her from Esav.  Really? He was tall and good looking and maybe, Esav would want him instead? Really?

Why did Esav leave when the flock were too large for both houses?

Did it have something to do with the "bad" behavior of Shimon and Levy?

The answer to the first question is Rachel was expecting a second son and she had no idea it would be a wolf, and even if she wasn't expecting him, she was still more important than Josef since she could say Add me one that is MORE than the first, and we are talking about the closest call to the Tzaddik Isod Olam. (just so you get a inkling of what Rachel is).

The answer to the second question is when you consider the Esavite neighbors like Hamor and Schem that would lame their whole town to have more females for themselves and a new exclusive club of cronies (soon to be lamed as well), drastic measures are required if at all possible.  When Esav realized who he was dealing with (even though he was 100%  non-spiritual and could not believe in Gd) he understood the practicality of moving a bit further.

So why spend so much time on recounting all the descendants of Esav, two major alias 6 and 7 including Musaf!  Esav is a goof!  Well that goof was the chosen "look" for the world, the perfect "animal specimen", question is weather he will get a breath of spirituality... ever.  When that day comes, Gd  will have completed one of the major feats of creation.  So yes, a certain importance is given to that "branch".

Monday, December 12, 2016

Repent and rise above time

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Friday, December 9, 2016

Thursday, December 8, 2016

letter to Saska today

Mr Saakashvili,
This is my second letter to you. The Hyrvenia can go up and very seriously so, and you need to print that money without any interference by BIS or IMF. The US Dollar will remain strong and debt is imagination. The Gold standard is the real problem. Economic theory is utterly faulty.
What is critical is value.
In English values represent also "character traits or principles". You need people on the bills that represent the best Ukrainian values. The Hyrvenia was killed when you put Mr. Bohdan Zynoviy Mykhailovych Khmelnytsky, a true father of Genocide and one of the most brutal men in history. This man could have taught Hitler and Stalin how it's done. You put him on the banknote, so what do you expect Gd will do?
A cross was put in Uman in the lake where Breslev Jews pray on Rosh Hashana. This is a continuation of the requirement to convert by the sword. I am NOT against conversion but any conversion to stay alive is false and it is a disgrace to everyone including Gd. Forcing pilgrims to bath before the cross is brutal.
To prevent further anger against your nation, be like the Pharaoh that knew Josef and send him to Jerusalem. Gd will bless you, Ukraine, the Metropolitain of KIev, the Cardinal of Kiev and any priest that supports this universally accepted cross-religious standard procedure. Giving respect to all true men of faith.

Bereshit? or Elokim? To GD it is ONLY about the Tzaddik

Yeah, the 70 sages all wrote the same thing for the Greeks.  Gd, in the beginning created the sky and the earth.

Everyone knows today that it actually starts "In the beginning, Gd created the heavens and the earth".

70 is connected to the Tzaddik Isod Olam:  Israel Ber (and 10- odesser (the Petek has 10 lines (and a word 'work' as in work of the hands 5+5))

The Torah ends with Israel and begins with Ber "esheet" ("ashit":he created) connecting the end to the beginning you get Israel Ber Eshit.

so Resh (first or head) is the Tzaddik, for nhim the world was created and Gd himself is of less importance, by his own will.  Gd loves the Tzaddik more than himself and obviously more than creation which is there to serve both.

The Goyim Serve Gd, but the JEWS like Gd, serve the Tzaddik! THAT is the WILL of GD!!!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016