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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Thoughts on Parasha Noach

I met many "anti-religious" yet well meaning people in my life.  For the most part, they loved animals possibly more than people and they were quite devoted to doing quality work.  Sounds like a character we all love.  These people are not really social because they don't really like human beings, but you can usually count on them except to give Tzeddakka to religious causes. Because he was willing to recognize Gd and sacrifice his animals, Gd swore to no longer punish the innocent earth and the innocent animals.  As a Jew this should give you food for thought and possibly a bit of trepidation.

The opposite is the "radical" that wants everybody to recognize the existence of Gd as the most important thing for a man to use all his time on.

Sounds like Noach vrs Abraham if you ask me.

Also two numbers stand out: 40 and 70.  40 days before sending out the dov, and 70 years before the triplets are born to Terach. 40 is of course, the number of days Moses disappeared before the Golden Calf made its appearance, (the Torah was rather received because of the three days without women)  70 is the number that symbolizes a period of repentance (tears, ayn).  Waters also symbolize false philosophies, while tears are the other kind of water, the atonement for the mistaken ways.  The earth is the source of good and life in the Torah, because it is humble.  Gd rises the earth upon the waters (ever thought about that?).

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