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Monday, November 28, 2016

Letter to Ukraine

Mr.  Mikheil Saakashvili,

A good way for you to get international support for your new party is to champion the project to bring the bones of Rabbi Nachman to Al Quds, Temple Mount, Jerusalem.  Palestinian and Israel authorities will welcome the move, but 'strangely' President Putin will do everything in his power to oppose this seemingly non controversial transfer of a body.

Corrupt people do not want the truth to emerge do they?
We want to work together with the Metropolitan of Kiev and religious groups from Ukraine for this extremely holy endeavor.
At your service,
Mordecai Spiro
Dear Mr. President Donald Trump,

The Church of Moscow under Pariarch Kirill is becoming a more vigorous branch of the FSB/KGB.  I want to suggest a way to allow true religion as we know it in the USA to distinguish itself from this charade.  Following in the spirit of His Majesty, Crown Prince Charles, the "defender of all faiths".
I am including a letter that members of the Palestinian Administration have asked me to write to them.
In your negotiation with Moscow, you could include this seemingly inoffensive gesture as a necessary opening gambit for receiving enumerated concessions. In advance be assured that Mr. Putin will not concede because this would be an immediate decisive victory for true religion, and the abolishment of slavery.  You will however have made a major move to win this battle.
If Mr Putin does accept, you will be able to give him the concessions because you will have changed the chemistry of Russia for the better and peace should follow.

Attention:  Mr EZ



The blind have lead the blind for 4000 years.  This started when Josef and his brothers did not understand each other.  Thus Gd ordered "Pakod Pakodeti”, the key to annihilating slavery.  70 souls formally swore they would take Josefs bones out of Egypt..UNFORTUNATELY? .in the end only Josef himself and absolutely by himself, dragged his own bones out.  (Moses , Joshua, Serach and the coffin, were all Josef (since he was buried in the water and they were born from that water- Serach never married him, but lived till she could bury her fiancee 500 years later, an unusual age even back then).
Are you curious why Moses asked Pharaoh for three days of prayer instead of the reburial of Josef, which is what “Pakod Pakodeti”, the code word meant.  All the elders knew this code word and therefore accepted he was the one destined to lead them out.


Moses, Joshua and Josef all grew up as Egyptians in Pharaos Palace, they were much closer to the Egyptians than to the Hebrews.  They are the greatest Hebrew leaders!  We all accept them, but change their identities (a lot).  In fact our sages look to Benyamin, Efraim, Menashe and Yehuda for leadership when the only leadership can come from the still nonexistent tribe of Josef!

As long as Pharaoh remembers Josef, Egypt is a superpower and the priests are called Cohens by Moses.  As soon as Pharaoh forgets Josef, this is reversed.
When President Vladimir Putin decided to disregard my request to give us Rabbi Nachman by January 1 2014,  the Ukrainian War began which I hope will lead to the defeat of Communism.
The Arab Peace Proposal came on the same page in Jerusalem post as this project was presented and on the opposite side, President Peres is being Knighted by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.  This is a clear sign that the most high himself is supporting the project.
Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman in English:
Please Rest in Peace Nachman from Uman.
At your service,

Mordecai Spiro
Copies to:
His Holiness, Patriarch Filaret,
The President of the United States, Mr Donald Trump
The Prime Minister of Israel, Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu

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