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Monday, October 31, 2016

Is lack of respect for Israel Kordoner really the cause of the Shoa?(Holocaust)

Sounds awful and frankly off the wall what Saba said...but it isn't and here is how/why:

Hishtaprut ha Nefesh was found not in the Gniza, but in the trash and the cover had been ripped off.  Rav Kardoner, took no credit for the book he wrote.  The book that treated the subject of Hitbodedut.  This is the 4th prayer associated ONLY with Rabbi Nachman , it isn't Hazot or tikkun Rachel/ Lea.  It is friend to friend conversation with Gd, and it is still Pidyon Shouim (liberation of hostages) (the third Kina is for Nachman ben Rachel btw).

Hitbodedute of the fourth prayer at Hatzot is what Rabbi Nachman claims and it is in fact what differentiates a Breslever from other Hassidim...  You can get thrown out of your community if you do this bad thing...talking to Gd at midnight.

The Holocaust didn't take place because Rabbi Nachman or Rabbi Natan were persecuted and not because Saba Israel the Messiah, Na Nach Nachma Nachman was persecuted and not because the Petek was destroyed (in fact it would have avoided the Holocaust if it had been spread around to yeshivas before the War) it was not destroyed it was preserved.

The Holocaust took place because of the lack of respect for a student of the Messiah! Because this student had distinguished the ultimate secret of prayer, Gd really cherishes.

At this time we say at least once... "please rest in peace Nachman" and we are doing our thing to bring the remains to Israel, Temple Mount, and this is keeping the spoken oath, (Brit MIla) pakod pakodeti.

It works because it erases all sadness one has had in his life and renews the person entirely as claimed in the book of Traits (sefer ha midot) under "Sadness"  "He who has sadness should give a gift to the Saint that returns".  That gift is the statement "please rest in Peace Nachman from Uman" and this cancellation of all sadness makes a person that has never been sad and lives in the MItsvah Gedola and has no fear and only love.  This unites us and as Rabbi Nachman said "what are you worried for I go before you (this is Saba) just hold yourselves together and I will be with you (these are the bones).

Saying this Phrase and eliminating our sadness is what we do when at midnight we allow ourselves to be broken hearted for a second and get our answer and purification from Gd himself!  THis is the secret to true Joy and this is what the blind and dark people don't want you to know about.

PLease try this and most of all please ask Gd to reveal to you what your mission is and why he put specifically you on this planet.  He HAS TO TELL YOU. and YOU MUST EXECUTE HIS COMMAND to you.

Rav Israel revealed this secret to all PEOPLE, and they did Nat-see instead.

Don't miss his yortzeit this wednesday night!