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Monday, July 25, 2016

Only the scream got us out

G-d heard this scream!
It wasn't the money ...
It wasn't the suffering...
It wasn't a deadline...
It wasn't a prayer...
It wasn't a mitsvah...
It wasn't a dance...

Hashem heard the scream

Like Moses and Joshua coming down from the mountain heard a scream.  

From the lowest place a scream, from the highest place a scream and the lower scream reached higher than Joshua.  The reaction of Hashem and the reaction of Moshe were also different.

Does this mean we are only able to "scream" properly when we reach the culmination of suffering and is the exit from Galut already achieved because of the scream that came forth out of the furnaces of Aushwitz? VERY LIKELY

Does this mean we enter and divide the land like brothers?


We all know better... each man owns his own land here everyone an equal share and he can not ever sell it as it belongs to his great grand children as much as it does to him. (I am being sarcastic).  Modern Israel has two basic classes (like the middle ages and the Roman Empire, not even the 19th century) the land owners and the migrants. The belief in money has lead once again to slavery... modern slavery.  Israeli Slavery.... which leads to the destruction of the temple and of course my house was destroyed for exactly this reason on July 4th at Ebay

Now I am uploading a recent picture where the house is ready for inspection by engineers and has been repaired...only to be destroyed that very day without any inspection whatsoever.

I was forced to live here after being subjected to two breaches of contract and now a third (or fourth since the house was also destroyed illegally).

I that a damning landgrab?  A place completely dedicated to give rest to the tribe of Saba and allow them to raise their families sheltered from persecution by the false leaders of the generation.

But I am a regular yid just wanting to offer his share, since no one has gotten theirs, to those that are truly deserving in this darkened generation (we are back to beheading people for entertainment folks).

I was the guy who met Tzipi and brought the BWEWS to Israel and of course, all that money was not what got Rabbi Nachman out of Ukraine, yet...(may have caused a War) ... no results, corruption still rampant, Ukraine still a slave, USA still not "lending" them the weapons they need.


Sorry the picture didn't come out...for lack of time...have all the pictures of the house before it was destroyed.


Only the scream got us to Israel, but (Na Nach Nachman Nachman) will give us our freedom from Idol Worship and Slavery.

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