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Monday, June 13, 2016

Shavuot and Na Nach

Everyone talks about the tablets and forgets about the letter... but in the siddour it talks about the tablets and the letter!  Why does Saba say there is a letter that is a book you can learn by heart and when everyone knows it the Messiach will come!

NOw we know there is a book between two letter Noun in Vayikra... and Leviticus speaks exclusively about the inauguration of the tabernacle and Bamidbar (numbers) continues on the same subject...WOW

It is about the Levites (not the foreign slaves) built the Tabernacle.  It is about how they served.  It is about how people that cannot keep promises are ejected from the tribes.  It is about how the "foreign style" gifts of the tribes were acceptable to Gd and Moses had to be told so. It is about being on a mission and staying completely devoted and pure to that oath.

As I said before the 6th book is accessible only to those who use the silver trumpets of Moses and hear his song.

Simple double triple quadruple spells shofar (first letters in Hebrew) and Cesef (silver money) stands for the current Israeli Shekel made obsolete by Mr PM (who will deny this of course).  These folks on our holy Shekel are the same that made the Holy Book Ebay Ha Nachal with the letters of Rabbi Odesser Nachman (Odesser is the number 10).

This is an important thing to know because when the Cohens blow those silver pipes, the bones of Josef rise and Moses tells Gd to rise and chase our ennemies away.

How many Levites? 8580 !!! same as Shmo-na na8 or 8 50 8 which is the King L (50th gate) breaking the 88 Pach (Hell Hifler) that which contains the holy oil in jail (shem Noun) which explains the first letters of Na Nach LLLL or the swastika of Amalek broken in four (like SHmuel Hanavi did to Agag KIng of the Amalekites).

Why does everyone need to know this song????

::: BECAUSE:::

When Gd forced 600 000 Jews to say no to Moses about fulfilling their oath to take the bones of Josef out it was forced upon us (No freedom of choice).

The song that allows the bones of Rachels' second son to come (and our oath to be fulfilled) is the shofar blast "please rest in peace Nachman from UMan" Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman.

The only place you can learn this song is in the letter, and only with it can you have access to the hidden sixth book of Moses written for the time when he will be able to finally fulfill his mission.

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