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Sunday, June 5, 2016


Ok, Jerusalem Day, why does it fall on Numbers? First day of the second month.

Why do the Kehati carry the Tabernacle but it is not they that cover it? Only the Cohens, with blue.

Why does "Leviticus" begin and end with the raising of the Tabernacle on the first day of the first month?

Why does it say twice: "the sons of Josef, the sons of Efraim..." and there are no sons of Josef, really.

Why are the Levites exchanged for the first sons? and there are no other first sons really.


Kahites are K T I or 5I5 where you find the sefer ha ganouz 5 lines above and five lines below the word work in 7 letters ...this corres.onds the "sayings of the fathers of the 5th day discussing the number ten and seven. The word Na Nach is the breaking of the eighty eight with the L or 5O.

The number of Jews is relevent because even the Ka.os have some "or ha ganouz" from before creation... and it is the sefer ha ganouz and the name Na Nach that reveal that light.

The folks of the Sefer ha Ganouz will carry Rabbi Nachman to Israel only after the Breslevers will cover the grave.  Jerusalem day "ki mitzion (or Rabbenu] tetse Yorah ou devar hashem mi Yeroushalayim" the Tabernacle will finally rest here.  This is among other things the birthday of Rabbi Nachman corresonding to Vayyikra...Leviticus I.

The Levites are the first born because they have the guard of the heritage.  In this case they guard the land and house...for the tribe of Josef until now inexistant. twenty two because all four limbs are Gds and no Amaleks and as such the bug, symbol of the Nazis is cut in four by Shmuel forming the roshe tevot of Na Nach (look above}.

Only the sons of Josef other then Efraim and Menashe will be called by his name and receive the full divine blessing and folks.....this tribe....has not been art of history until Rabbi Israel revealed he was it's King.

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