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Thursday, June 23, 2016

How we came very close to the Redemption if for for Eldad and Medad

Gog and Magog ring similar..but what is so special about these two and why did they not join the 70 elders and why did Moshe tell Yehoshua not to kill them?

The silver trumpet for the heads gathered the leadership (as advised by yitro..hard working and honest people etc..) the silver trumpet for the crowd would bring forth the farthest tribe first (Dan).

70 leaders would have repaired the error of the broken promise to Josef Pakod Pekodeti....but because Ahron (eldad) listened to Miriam (medad), two elders did not show up and remained "with the people'.  Had the 70 gathered upon hearing the trumpet blast, Moshe could have even stepped down!

But the advice of Yitro was not followed, worse his daughter was disgraced, and he went to the side to prepare for the far future.

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