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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Yesod Yosef - Shabbos Pesach

Weekly Yesod Yosef Summery
B”H Yesod Yosef distributed Shabbos assistance to 8 poor families. 21 families were granted Pesach assistance through the  Yesod Yosef Holiday Help program, in addition to the 22 families given last week, totaling 43 families. Additionally help was granted for one Bar Mitzvah under the Mazal Tov Support Program.

Prayers by the Tzadikim
Donors were prayed for so far by the Kivarim of Rebbe  Pinchas Ben Yair,  Rebbe  Yosef KaroRebbe Moshe Alshich  and Binyamin HaTzadik.
This is aside from the name lists that are given along with each distribution and are likely to be mentioned by our recipients at many other Kivrei Tzadikim.
Weekly Tzedaka Torah
Binyamin Hatzadik was a manager of a charity fund. Once during a year of famine he was approached by a woman who requested financial support. Binyomin Hatzadik swore by the Service of the Bais Hamikdash that the fund was currently depleted. She responded that if he would not support her then she and her seven children would die. Upon hearing this Binyamin Hatzadik went ahead and supported this family from his personal money.
Years later Binyamin Hatzadik became ill and was near death. In heaven the Ministering Angels argued in his behalf in front of Hashem. They said it is known from the Torah that one who sustains a single Jewish soul, it is as if he sustained the entire world. This is the reason why Adom was created alone, to show that each person through his descendants can fill the world. This is also the reason why Hashem rebuked Kayin after he murdered Hevel, “the bloods of your brother are calling out”. He used the plural word ‘bloods’ to imply that Kayin had murdered Hevel and all the descendants that would have come from him. Binyamin Hatzadik had saved a woman and her seven children, the defending Angles demanded to know how he could pass away at such a young age. Their plea was accepted in Heaven and immediately the decree for Binyomin Hatzadik’s death was torn and an additional 22 years were added to his life.
The Annual Yesod Yosef Maos Chitim Pesach Collection
We would like to thank everyone who participated in the anual Yesod Yosef Pesach Distribution, both those who donated as well as those that helped us through their good wishes and prayers. B”H we have been able to assist 43 families this year.
100% of Donations go Directly to Needy Families
No Fundraiser Commissions!  No Salaries!  No Administrative Overhead!   Pure Clean Charity!

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