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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Yesod Yosef - Parshas Kedoshim

Weekly Yesod Yosef Summery
B”H Yesod Yosef distributed Shabbos assistance to 10 poor families. One loan was granted by the Yesod Yosef interest free Loan Gmach. Partial monthly tuition  was covered for one child from a poor family under the Tuition Scholarships Program.

Prayers by the Tzadikim
Donors were prayed for by the Kivarim of Rabbi Moshe di Trani the MabitBinayahu ben YehoyadaRebbe Nachum Ish Gam Zu and Binyamin HaTzadik.
This is aside from the name lists that are given along with each distribution and are likely to be mentioned by our recipients at many other Kivrei Tzadikim.
Weekly Tzedaka Torah
Rabbi Chaim Vital writes in Pri Eitz Chaim (Shar Shabbos, Chapter 4) the following; My Teacher (the Holy Arizal) may his memory be blessed, would say that all the Mitzvos that a person does are inscribed upon his forehead. Each and every Mitzvah is written with a different letter, the the letter that is specifically associated with that particular Mitzvah. If a person does a single Mitzvah then the letter of that Mitzvah glows. If he then does another Mitzvah, than the letter of the first Mitzvah goes away and becomes swallowed in his forehead. However if he does the Mitzvah of Tzedaka, [the letter] does not become swallowed up inside, like the lights of the other letters, rather it continues to glow for the entire week upon his forehead and does not immediately become swallowed up, as in the mystery of ‘His righteousness (Tzidkoso – Charity) remain forever’.
We openly see here the importance of the Mitzah of Tzedaka and how a person who partakes in it has spiritual light glowing from his forehead for the entire week.
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