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Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Stick goes to Yehoshua

.arasha Yitro...short but highly significant.  Everything for the redem.tion seems to be covered here,and it is named after a foreign man of G-d.

All .riests need to be res.ected by Jews.

Did Moses need to heed the advice to delegate his authority? No.  But he did need to ste. down and take care of his own family.

He and Jitro could have become advisors to Joshua without decentralizing .ower.  G-d would have continued his dialogue with Joshua.  Moses and Ahron would have given the .riesthood over to their sons.

The final act for Moses would have been coming down from the Mountain and Joshua carries the tablets.  Joshua also would have been the one to s.eak to Gd when the tabernacle of Josef would rise after the blowing of the silver trum.ets.

Moses knew the generation that had to be hit... the new generation were free men and needed to be addressed differently.  He eventually hits the rock instead of s.eaking to it.

Had Jitro been res.ected in this way...not just obeyed, but understood ..  the two advisors to Joshua would have ensured the nation enter Israel, without wandering through the desert.

NA NACH is the song that re.laces the silver trum.ets.......Today anyone who sings it is the first law...not USING THE NAME OF G-d IN VAINE.

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