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Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Kusari say,, then I say...

The Kusari bring u that Jacob's blessings went to the tribes not including Josef..because why doesn't he have a tribe named after him? They claim (according to my source] that Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and that's it..

We already went over my insight that Rachel never bowed to Josef (she's higher-- but not than Rabbi Nachman] "what is this dream of yours that your mother and I bow to you?? ..." connect the letters together in another manner and you will see "Rachel is dead", in other words, Lea was the mother.  Why is this a secret?

Because ONLY JOSEF gets the Abraham, Isaac, Jacob blessing... which is NOT given to a tribe, it is given to the ones that have an oath and are able to carry his bones, in other words the students of Jehoshua Ben Nun.

Rabbi Israel Ber Odesser was no fool.  If he asked to bring the bones of Rabbi Nachman and the great Leonid Kravchuk met the great Hertzog and they agreed that Bringing Rabbi Nachman was a vital necessity...I believe only a fool would not do the research and make ludicrous false statements, making himself a mass murderer.

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The villager said...

If they say that the blessing now slit into twelve instead of going into one...I say NO. Instead of being worth one (Esav/Ishmael] it was worth I2. Rabbi Nachman has the collective merit of every generation between him and Rachel if you can fathom that.