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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The bracha went to Josef, but where is his tribe?

Efraim and Menashe were be kept by an angel of Abraham Isaac and Jacob (hopefully the angel of truth (tribe of Jehoshua))

Josef was blessed to be kept by the GOD of Abraham Isaac and Jacob.

What is the difference?

Moses could carry the bones on his own and Yehoshua needed a special minyan to do it.  Only the people he chose could be successful for this mission, he himself could not do it alone.

Rabbi Nachman COULD bring the Messiah on his own but it was more of a victory that the minyan came into existance!

The minyan we are referring to is the tribe of JOsef.  The Na Nach!!!!  (only those that want to bring the bones to Mt. Zion)

Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Kusari say,, then I say...

The Kusari bring u that Jacob's blessings went to the tribes not including Josef..because why doesn't he have a tribe named after him? They claim (according to my source] that Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and that's it..

We already went over my insight that Rachel never bowed to Josef (she's higher-- but not than Rabbi Nachman] "what is this dream of yours that your mother and I bow to you?? ..." connect the letters together in another manner and you will see "Rachel is dead", in other words, Lea was the mother.  Why is this a secret?

Because ONLY JOSEF gets the Abraham, Isaac, Jacob blessing... which is NOT given to a tribe, it is given to the ones that have an oath and are able to carry his bones, in other words the students of Jehoshua Ben Nun.

Rabbi Israel Ber Odesser was no fool.  If he asked to bring the bones of Rabbi Nachman and the great Leonid Kravchuk met the great Hertzog and they agreed that Bringing Rabbi Nachman was a vital necessity...I believe only a fool would not do the research and make ludicrous false statements, making himself a mass murderer.

Monday, December 21, 2015

ten of tevet, hilloulla Rabbi Natan, so what?

Some cholek said that on Rabbi Natans' death he would have a feast...Rabbi Natan retorted..I'll make sure you won't....

Why is it there are no tefilot for the tenth of tevet in likutey tefilot???

The Torah codes reveal that tomorrow is the BIG revelation day...and many indications confirm this..but today the Messiah is not the issue, Na Nach is.  Eliahu, also mentioned there, has to do with the brit mila, so when do we kee our word to Josef?

The number connected to Dombas and Missouri and the US Greenback is also there one thousand eighthundred and twenty which is seventy times twenty six....

Tomorrow is a secial day for saying and singing Na Nach.  Do everything you can...

Saturday, December 12, 2015

nanach hannukka miracle

The ten got hit in the ten in the ocket of mr. NIR age 7O whose car was riddled by twenty eight bullets in a TERRORIST attack.  The golden art got knocked out and a silver O for odesser remained.  The elderly coule survived the attack thaqnks to Saba and he left a clear message.

Monday, December 7, 2015