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Monday, November 30, 2015

now that Arieh Dheri is fighting to get some Sfardis on the Shekel, an old letter...

Mr. Scheffer,
I am just reading a book called "Ha Melech" about your amazing grandfather Rav Israel Ber Odesser.
The attacks against Israel are so numerous that the Iranian nuclear threat is only the tip of the "Nazi iceberg". All types of attacks have been launched, economic boycotts, changing the people on the Shekel bills, targeting individual citizens in great numbers for harassment and imprisonment, especially settlers and others that can influence the public. As you know, besides chemical weapons being stockpiled in Syria, are also biological weapons, these can be used like anthrax to target individuals or entire buildings. The anti-semites are no longer hiding like before, and they feel emboldened by their "successes".
Neither economic or military miracles can save us from this boundless hate. The only way to remove the hate problem is to remove hate itself. Genocide of all the haters if it were possible, would not solve the problem because more haters would come from somewhere else. The simplest and only solution is to address the problem of hate at it's root and remove the source of all the hate.
This is why I am begging you to take your grandfather seriously and to address the three tasks he began with the intention of seeing them finished after his passing. The first is bringing Rabbi Nachman to Mt. Zion, the second is spreading the "petek" to the four corners of the world and his commentaries on Likutey Moharan which are President Zalman Shazar's book "Ebay Ha Nachal".
Humanity as a whole is fighting AMALEK, and Amalek, like Haman MUST confuse the nations into attacking the Jews because this is the only way he can survive. Bringing Rabbi Nachman to Mt. Zion is like Esther revealing she is Jewish to Achashverosh. The Messiach doesn't need to be Jewish, but he must be a real Hassid of Rabbi Nachman,
Today Mr. Arie Dheri has once again lashed out against then Israeli economy and in particular Rabbi Nachman. He wants Mrs. Flog removed, she is the one who has maintained your grandfathers friends on the Shekel. Mr. Dheri is the single biggest Israeli hurdle to bringing Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem, I suppose he is funded by President Putin, but of this I have no proof, only the halachically inexplicable and violent opposition to the project. President Putin is also preventing Rabbi Nachman from leaving Ukraine and is very involved in corrupting Israeli society which are two sides of the same coin.
Your grandfather knew all about Hessed and this is the single biggest Hessed that can be done.
Geoffrey Max Spiro
Copy to Minister of Finance, Mr. Yair Lapid.

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