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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Why walking beats flying (how being far becomes close!)

Rabbi Nachman now Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman repeats over and over again that the farther a person is from G-d, the closer he will be able to get to him.  WONDERFUL but do you understand this yet? or do you just believe it?

Rabbi Natan says he is jealous of those that actually walk to Rabbenu where he would take a coach.  Rabbi Nachman to console him said he had to walk a lot to get the money to pay for the coach.  I worked with environmental issues and it is a known fact that a bicycle is faster than a car if you do the math, including insurance, gasoline costs etc...

The real issue is that if a person is really far and the only thing he can do about being Jewish is just saying Na Nach, he will be doing something greater than walking to Rabbenu in Uman, he will be correcting the error or the 600 000 that refused to help Moses find Josef to take him out of Egypt.
That correction is what will bring the 70 years of life that King David took from Adam, back to Adam and will even make death disappear from creation.  He will have done all he can to Bring Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem!

An easy question:  What gives more merit? Walking from a house in Mea Shearim to the Kotel or walking from Sfat to the Kotel?  Taking a plane to Uman or dancing every day of the year 24-7 and singing Please Rest in Peace Nachman from Uman.  Learning in a colel or teaching others to say Na Nach on public busses?

If Aharon had asked Pharaoh for the bones of Josef we would have entered Israel within 3 days with a big celebration and the Canaanites might have even repented for all their sins! If ONE SINGLE ISRAELI out of the 600 000 had helped Moses, HE would have carried the bones until the age of 120 or more, FOR Moses!

Think about it, and use YOUR OWN G-D GIVEN BRAIN!

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