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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Na Nach vrs Noach?

Noach had many many grandchildren and great grandchildren in the arc...considered animals! Everything born before the flood except for the three sons is not worth counting as descendents of Noach...even those born on the ark?

Ham and the rainbow? Incestuous gays are not considered animals?

What makes Noach different from Na Nach is the NA. (please)
That is what Rabbi Nachman told us whole thing is tefila (prayer) [prayer=please]

The two legged animals that came out of the arc were very technically advanced and probably found out how to colonize the x-garden of Eden (Sdom)[no doubt destroyed by the flood and now unprotected] and how to build the tower of Bavel,(tree of knowledge).  These people had learned from Noach but not from Na Nach!

Please G-d that we do not repeat this mistake

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