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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Plea from a Na Nach friend

My wife has been unemployed for sometime and looking for a job... we have had very little money barely enough to get by at all. We have 5 kids already and now due to a personal problem with my sister we have now taken temporary custody of her two children bringing the total number of children in our care to 7. 9 people in our house including ourselves... we have only my small income.... to live on.... we are in the process of trying to get state help but it takes time... if you can donate even dollar to help us get through it will not be taken by ungrateful hands..Anything helps..please help...
You can send charity through paypal to
Or Western Union to James Brawn in Oregon, USA
Or James Ryan Brawn
5810 nw Galloway Lp. 
Redmond Oregon 97756

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