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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Na Nach joke #2

Ashkenazi are gold and Spharadi silver, what would you rather be?

Answer:  Silver like the trumpets Moses made for the Cohens and they had to play them for him to ask for G-d to rise and throw away our enemies from before us.  Gold the currency preferred by Vlado, Iran, and the teeth robbers in Basel, in fact the stuff they print is worthless and anything they touch is worthless and the Greek Statues are worthless as will soon be demonstrated.  The French word for gold is "Or" the French word for hard is "dure" the French word for garbage is "ordure", ask Rashi, he is as good an Alchemist as they come.

Important note:  All the Israeli bills had the people that made the book Ebay Ha Nachal on them including the 10 which is Odesser (the author of the book).   This is called Kessef or silver or money in Hebrew.  Also the song Na Nach Nachma Nachman is single double triple quadruple which in hebrew is pashout cafoul choulach rouba first letters spell "like a shofar".  Rabbi Nachman is at least like Moses!

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