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Thursday, August 13, 2015

The loss of life and the suffering economy in Ukraine are connected to Jerusalem.

The loss of life and the suffering economy in Ukraine are connected to Jerusalem.

In 1993 as a result of the Orange Revolution Peace in the Middle East and the World became a possibility. 
President of the Ukraine Mr. Leonid Kravchuk delivered the following speech:
The headline for the visit in Jerusalem (Hebrew) reads:
President of the Ukraine promises: The bones of Rabbi Nachman of Breslev will be brought to Jerusalem!
In the next article on the same page, Foreign Minister Shimon Peres and Defense Minister Isaac Rabin are dispatched to Ukraine.
According to Mr Sam Ben Chetrit President of the World Federation for Moroccan Jewry, the first letter Prime Minister Rabin signed in his new office was the request to bring the bodies of the Egoz tragedy to Mt Hertzel. According to Rabbi Shlomo Sheltsur (Hassid of Rabbi Israel Ber Odesser)  seven weeks before his assassination Prime Minister Rabin was in the Ukraine, guess why? 
Peace will only be possible when Ukraine sends Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem ….. President Putin which I call Pharaoh (who forgot Josef) is the man preventing the transfer today.
I think you understand what organization was behind the gunshot that sealed with his noble blood, the song for peace Prime Minister Isaac Rabin had just sung and folded into his pocket.
Peace depends on bringing Rabbi Nachman from the Ukraine and I can explain this in great detail, to a journalist that has some familiarity with the old testament (he doesn’t need to be Jewish). 
The Ukrainian economy is much simpler a problem to solve, but it is related.  Since all the gold and wheat of the ancient world were related to Josef, let it be no surprise that the wheat and paper currency is related to Rabbi Nachman. 
The Shekel owes its strength to the 5 people who made a book out of the teachings of Rabbi Nachman…the book is called Ebay Ha Nachal.  All five are “on the money”. 
The Dollar also is related to Uman.  1820 the number of times YHVK appears in the Old Testament (27 examples of this number related to the names of G-d in the old testament) is the year of the Missouri Compromise leading to the abolition of slavery everywhere except Missouri.  This led to the Civil War and the Greenback and the Greyback Dollars.  Need I point out where the Kyiv Post got its’ journalism prize or where the Fergusson riots began or even what flag the Rebels have chosen.  God hates slavery, but he also wants nations to find HIM and he chose Israel and the Jews in spite of all their shortcomings.   If you have a headache you don’t need to cure it with a bullet.
The Ukrainian Economy can become very good as soon as you put people that are NOT anti-Semites on the Hryvnia (the worse is Bohdan Khmelnytsky).
[Problem Solved]
What would it cost the Ukraine to make the gesture toward Israel of putting Rabbi Nachman on a plane bound for Lod? Nothing.  What can they gain? Everything.   EXCEPT:  Approval by the Kremlin itself.

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