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Sunday, August 9, 2015


This is in Pikey Avot 5th section: Ten secrets were created before creation one of them is the mouth of the Ass of Bilaam.  The last three are remarquable; #8) the handwriting, #9) the letter, #10) the Shamir worm.  It must be near the end of times because it is a sinch for a Na Nach to reveal the lasst three!!!

I am not knocking Billams four legged girl, she inspired him to do the right thing, but hey what does it take to inspire the holy Yidden in this mad generation?

The handwriting is of Rabbi Nachman ...Petek #1
The  letter is the revelation of that part of the Petek actually written by Rabbi Nachman (and NOT G-d) p. 242 in the conversations of Na Nach (book titled Na Nach). (also referred to as the second petek) (this petek is protection against the evil eye-(Bilaam))
The Shamir Worm is the song of the redemption that can melt a heart of stone into a heart of flesh.  It works on the heart like a specific tone frequency works on glass or a repetitive sledgehammer works on bedrock.

Three proofs that these ARE the final days.

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