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Thursday, July 23, 2015

A few more 70's related to my Reish Noun theory about the Pakade Pakadeti Otchem PROMISE

Everyone knows Josef made us swear to the lord we would take his bones out of Egypt, all of us not JUST Moses who unsuccessfully asked 600 000 individuals and couldn't find ONE that would be good for his word.

70 people had made the original promise and this number keeps on haunting us... like the years between the Temples or the years after the death of J. and before the destruction of the second temple.  The years of the life of King David that could not have possibly lived for ever and took his 70 years from the "eternal" Adam.  The 70 birth pains related to the 70 birth pains of the Messianic era which can be connected to the 70 years AFTER the Shoa and the 70 years of the State of Israel.

Another 70 is more exciting than all of these?? After the book of Joshua the tribes of Judah and Shimon go to war against the Canaanite King of Bezek who has 70 captive kings without toes and thumbs eating below his table (maybe no hands and legs). (Bezek is the phone company getting clobbered today by cellular competition).

When the brothers sold Josef for shoes... they disconnected the Reish from the Noun (nahalayim) and tit for tat (mida keneged mida) the world sold it's head (Israel) for shoes (exploration and exploitation) I believe the angels did the same.

The King of Bezek who knew the truth was hoping to prove that since Am Israel was still guilty they had no right to return to the land... his act was advanced witchcraft.   Juda who did go to Hebron and Nachshon and Juda did have some "achdut" since Yehuda had cursed himself that he would not leave Egypt without Benyamin had the power to break the spell.  It is very important that Shimon volunteered to fight with Yehuda.  No other tribe actively sought to eliminate the remaining "cursed" tribes and finish G-d's mitsvah.

Rabbi Nachman said: "why worry since I go before you? Just be together and I will be with you".

Please Rest in Peace Nachman from Uman!

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