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Sunday, June 28, 2015

We ended the five books of Moses today!

Those of us reading one chapter in "the BIBLE" each day along with President Ruvin Rivlin, have just completed the five books of Moses TODAY.

It comes as no coincidence that Josef was born and died on the same day (1st of Tammuz). It comes as no coincidence that the fast of Tammuz is on the 17th.  It comes as no coincidence of course that Moses got fed up and fell on his face at "the waters of contention" and was told by G-d that he would bury Aron like he did Miriam then he would die himself.  The walls of Jerusalem sunk on the 17th (walls representing wealth- since Josef is the source of wealth (17 years old he was sold, 17 good years of Jacob in Egypt).  70 similar translation of the Torah were written in Greek on this day (because 70 peoples' promise to bring the bones of Josef to Israel were never kept).

Falsely everyone blames Moses for getting upset and consider his death to be a punishment for having lost his temper.

If it was such a punishment, why is it that he like Josef died on the day of his birth.   He reached the perfect age of exactly 120?  Was it not rather a punishment for us that we could not bring his bones to Israel or even go to his burial place (he died like his generation apparently, but did get the 30 days of mourning).

Few people know, but Rabbi Nachman who is born on Rosh Chodesh Nissan shares the same Bar Mitsvah Parasha as Moses... Vayikra.  Everyone should know the body of the Tzaddik is on a much higher level than the Temple let alone the Tabernacle.

We are the ones that were punished at "the waters of contention".  We lost the real source of water.  The man that had given us all, the lower "brit Mila" as a gift by choosing 3 days instead of 2 when we received the Torah.  Joshua could not do this and didn't need to do this IT WAS DONE.

I am fasting today because we are being treated this way again.  Not by Josef, not by Moses, but by Rabbi Nachman.

Do not be surprised if you can't get the facts straight from scriptures...people without a "brit Mila" above the belt don't have a word.  People that mourn 40 days instead of 70 for Jacob are NOT reliable.

The only way to unite this nation (which is a prerequisite for bringing Rabbi Nachman here) is to get them to be happy in what is called the "mitsvah gedola" (no sadness ever).  The only way to erase all sadness is to say "please rest in peace Nachman".  It can never be said of one Mitsvah that it is greater than another except this one.  The same holds true of Am Israel...we are all on the same level EXCEPT ....JOSEF (/ Moses) Rabbi Nachman is the only exception because even Josef/Moses was (only) a prelude.  That being said, the five books we just completed are the highest literature available to man because G-d wrote them, so they surpass even Sipourey Maasiote I maintain my reservations about the Petek and Ebay Ha Nachal because these were done with G-d, in the Holy land, by the human who is on the highest of all levels.  Mt Sinai is not inside the Holy land.

When you say Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman ... you unite the world behind G-d, by spreading happiness, love and brotherhood because it is Rabbi Nachman himself that wipes away all your bitterness.  What you have just said is 'please rest in peace Nachman from Uman" essentially requesting for him to come to Mt Zion, Jerusalem, Israel.


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Anonymous said...

Noting that the "Fast of 17 Tamuz" was held this year on 18 Tamuz, the end of the Torah (Chumash) has a special connection to 17 Tamuz. Rashi notes that "what Moshe did in front of all Israel" refers to him breaking the Luchos which happened on this very date following seeing the Jewish people sullied with the sin of the Cheit HaEigel. The Moharanat in Likutei Halochos (Choshen Mishpat, Laws of Loans 4:9) asks on this as to what is the Inyan of describing the greatness of Moshe in terms of him breaking the Luchos? He answers that he wanted to show the value of Torah She'B' Al Peh, for there is no Shelimus to Torah She'B'Kesav (represented by the Luchos) without Torah She'B'Al Peh, for by making and worshipping the Eigel, they made a blemish in the deeper level of Emunah, which is the aspect of Torah She'B'Al Peh.

On a happier note, it is the very date of 17 Tamuz that is mentioned in the Petek, in which Na Nach Nachma Nachman was first revealed, noting that Na Nach Nachma Nachman is the same Gematria as the word Chumash (354), which ends with a reference to an event that took place on 17 Tamuz, and the Gematria of this date 17 Tamuz (453), is the same as the word/acronym Tanach (470)!