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Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Menorah/The Silver Shofar/Lust for Food/Pakod Pekadeti/lashon hara

The Menorah was made of one piece of Gold and all the lights pointed towards the "face".  The face are the seven oracles of the face (eyes, nostrils, ears, mouth)  The eight "on top" is the Na Nach Kippa.  It in fact looks like a candle ...THE eight light called Hannoukka or Malave Malka (eight candle).

The Levites and all the administration of the specialized administration of this tribe is mentioned here.  Notice the two silver trumpets that Moses needs to make for is the Cohens that sound the trumpets...what is the meaning of this???

Na Nach is the simple double triple quadruple which in first letters spells "like a shofar" in Hebrew.  The word Silver in Hebrew and in French are synonyms for the word Money (mean the same).

  Since the book Ebay is the source of all Israeli Shekels today it is fair to say that the song of the redemption (na Nach) is the trumpet of Moses in the hands of the Cohens!

The Lust for food, and the lust for Money are recurring problems.  Where the lust for money is a problem the sons of Jacob have, the lust for food is acquired from the Mixed multitude that left Egypt with the tribes (obviously rich Jews eat better!).  This is a very big test for Moses because just as the evil spoken about his wife which is an affront on him personally and on his father in law...who choses to leave the nation.  Speaking against people like Korach is not lashon hara, in fact the earth herself opened her mouth to gobble them up, with the blessing of Moses.  Speaking against the True Tzaddik is inexcusable even for his own big sister the Tzaddeket, Miriam.  This causes irreparable damage.

Anyone who denies Rabbi Nachman into Israel is not a Na Nach and doesn't understand the simplest meaning of the sentence, and is per definition an "am ha Aretz" and this should be made public.



The villager said...

One menorah, all equal except the 8th! without a Head, the body is of no significance (all the meat eaters out there).

Anonymous said...

I didn't see the answer why you need two trumpets if the tzadik's contribution to society is a wake up call why is it double and why do only one group be the noisemakers especially if the Cohen is known as quiet sekhel.

The villager said...

Of course it is double: the running and the returning (up towards G-d and back to earth) like the camp moving forward or settling down. Only the Cohens can sound the shofar, because Korach and all his friends will start fighting over the privilege and as you know they don't pretend to obey Moses although they PRETEND to obey G-d.