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Sunday, June 28, 2015

We ended the five books of Moses today!

Those of us reading one chapter in "the BIBLE" each day along with President Ruvin Rivlin, have just completed the five books of Moses TODAY.

It comes as no coincidence that Josef was born and died on the same day (1st of Tammuz). It comes as no coincidence that the fast of Tammuz is on the 17th.  It comes as no coincidence of course that Moses got fed up and fell on his face at "the waters of contention" and was told by G-d that he would bury Aron like he did Miriam then he would die himself.  The walls of Jerusalem sunk on the 17th (walls representing wealth- since Josef is the source of wealth (17 years old he was sold, 17 good years of Jacob in Egypt).  70 similar translation of the Torah were written in Greek on this day (because 70 peoples' promise to bring the bones of Josef to Israel were never kept).

Falsely everyone blames Moses for getting upset and consider his death to be a punishment for having lost his temper.

If it was such a punishment, why is it that he like Josef died on the day of his birth.   He reached the perfect age of exactly 120?  Was it not rather a punishment for us that we could not bring his bones to Israel or even go to his burial place (he died like his generation apparently, but did get the 30 days of mourning).

Few people know, but Rabbi Nachman who is born on Rosh Chodesh Nissan shares the same Bar Mitsvah Parasha as Moses... Vayikra.  Everyone should know the body of the Tzaddik is on a much higher level than the Temple let alone the Tabernacle.

We are the ones that were punished at "the waters of contention".  We lost the real source of water.  The man that had given us all, the lower "brit Mila" as a gift by choosing 3 days instead of 2 when we received the Torah.  Joshua could not do this and didn't need to do this IT WAS DONE.

I am fasting today because we are being treated this way again.  Not by Josef, not by Moses, but by Rabbi Nachman.

Do not be surprised if you can't get the facts straight from scriptures...people without a "brit Mila" above the belt don't have a word.  People that mourn 40 days instead of 70 for Jacob are NOT reliable.

The only way to unite this nation (which is a prerequisite for bringing Rabbi Nachman here) is to get them to be happy in what is called the "mitsvah gedola" (no sadness ever).  The only way to erase all sadness is to say "please rest in peace Nachman".  It can never be said of one Mitsvah that it is greater than another except this one.  The same holds true of Am Israel...we are all on the same level EXCEPT ....JOSEF (/ Moses) Rabbi Nachman is the only exception because even Josef/Moses was (only) a prelude.  That being said, the five books we just completed are the highest literature available to man because G-d wrote them, so they surpass even Sipourey Maasiote I maintain my reservations about the Petek and Ebay Ha Nachal because these were done with G-d, in the Holy land, by the human who is on the highest of all levels.  Mt Sinai is not inside the Holy land.

When you say Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman ... you unite the world behind G-d, by spreading happiness, love and brotherhood because it is Rabbi Nachman himself that wipes away all your bitterness.  What you have just said is 'please rest in peace Nachman from Uman" essentially requesting for him to come to Mt Zion, Jerusalem, Israel.


Thursday, June 25, 2015

This is the result of my mind taking a turn to the stranger side of my soul

     They say the truth shall set you free... So I'll admit something to you; I'm crazy. I always have been and always will be. Being crazy is my lifestyle. I'm everything yet nothing simultaneously, and it makes perfect sense. No contradiction. Part of my lifestyle is to suffer, which I'm beginning to embrace, and not just tolerate. Look at all the giants in this world, intellectual, religious, and otherwise. They rose up because they were crazy. They didn't mind they were crazy,... didn't even care.
      I have always felt such animosity towards those who "have it easy", or other such simplicity in their lives. I felt taunted by their lack of pain and distress. Now I know it's not frustration I feel but rather I know the depths of their being is not at all like mine... Because they're not crazy. They don't suffer. Their ability to contemplate is stunted because that whole aspect of life is unknown territory to them. I almost laugh at them... Because I know how clueless they are. And with much malice, too. I equally dislike and envy people like them. On one hand, I'd love to be that oblivious. On the other, I know I'd never be able to either write nor think as I do if I didn't suffer greatly. There's two sides to the coin.
      I used to only share my "positive" writings, because I was afraid people would find out that I'm a crazy, anguished wanderer. I honestly am glad that I don't hide my true self anymore. Yes, I'm mostly who I was before; the wanna-be Talmudist, good student, and writer. But I've exposed a whole different side of myself... One that also tells the story of who I am, maybe better than the other side. This side tells the narrative, the other side just tells the events. So when people act so surprised about this side of myself, saying I never used to be this way, I know they don't know me. This is how I've always been... I only hid it away.

     Even though I was cursed in some ways by such suffering, I know that it's only for the best and it's how I was meant to be. Hashem does what's best, always. I don't question His authority in how He created his creatures. I only judge who I am, how I am, and why I am this way... It's the most enlightening thing to contemplate this. It's how I accept Hashem's will, and try to understand it.

G-d really needs our help now!

There is an employee who is just toooo good at his work.

That's impossible since the Boss is happy when an employee does his work well.  Pharaoh forgot Josef.  Who is the King and who is the slave?
Pharaoh's job was to do to the brothers what they did to Josef, but then he thought he could himself replace Josef.  That's when Moses comes in.. Moses could have place Josef back on top, including himself by simply letting Aron tell Pharaoh that He Must Participate in Bringing Josef to Schem and that the slave-tribes would now remain with Josef.  Moses was no dummy and if he used the old trick Jacob had used on Laban, and he didn't let Aron speak for him, it was because he was up to something very frightening.

Instead of a three day party, 40 years in the desert and a three day fast and 3000 years of exile, but... Moses had a plan.

Moses was a VERY humble man and he realized it was possible to bring everyone to the level of Josef therefore he sacrificed his own position and brought everyone up to his level.  Korach knew this but was of ungrateful nature and not fit to be any kind of leader according to the laws laid down by Jitro.

When an employee is tooo good it means he is able and desires to throw out the founder and owner. Am Israel has no leader since we are all on the ultimate level of Josef...thanks to Moses...those who follow his commandments... and have no fear in our hearts which we prove by not following after false leaders and finding the true leader of the generation.  The true leader of the generation can only be 1...The true leader of the generation can only be ONE.

The only thing he needs from us is to keep our "brit mila" oath of the word, which is the promise to take the bones of Josef out of Egypt (not kept by a single person leaving Egypt (Moses doesn't count here).  Since we didn't take out Josef, Rabbi Nachman left his bones (only) in Uman to allow us to keep this promise since he is the "Yosif al Yosef ben acher"  (son that is an addition to Josef and is different from his brothers) Benyamin was rejected by Rachel who gave birth to Josef with her tears and gave birth to Rabbi Nachman with her tears.

Esther made no mistake when she asked for another Purim, a Purim where it would be possible to keep our promise by bringing Rabbi Nachman who is the only one that can lead this generation.

God will fail if when the dust settles there are not 600 000 Jews saying Na Nach Nachma Nachman Me Uman----- please Rest in Peace Nachman from Uman!

G-d needs you to say NA NACH because only this way can he prevent the Safan from throwing out of his celestial throne.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

What is the Brit Mila? (must read, self respecting Na Nachs)

Brit Mila means oath of the word.

Why does it take place "down there" where not a word comes out?

Josef and Rabbi Nachman are the purest of the pure right? Why is that?

What if I told you that had Moses not chosen three days we would never have received the Torah and by the way the erev rav got it as well, you know why we got it? ONLY BECAUSE MOSES made the right decision.  In fact we have a de-facto Chazaka that we don't "need" sexual lust.

So what does Josef and Nachman have to do with this?


We made an oath to Josef and we didn't keep it.  Rabbi Nachman is our chance to keep it.  Since the oath is by us to them, they have no part in breaking this oath only we do!!!

That explains why it is a spoken oath which they have not blemished, but we in fact have done so!!!

I need help getting this petition rolling....we want big wigs, please participate

 Nobody wants to do it alone except McCain...who could actually be very happy to get supported, economicaly and professionaly.  The proffessional aspect comes from EMET, we need a petition from Emet to the Ukrainian Government and the request for a proposal.  With a Ukrainian offer, we can go to Norway.  Mc Cain wants to give them weapons...but if Norway cancels all the Ukrainian debt and Ukraine actually buys the weapons at regular price, Obama will have a hard time explaining why not, it might be difficult for Netanyahu and his cabinet to prevent the real IDF from selling material to our wheat supplier (I don't think Vlad. (who wants that position) wants Israelis to eat well unless he can sell them on the stock market).
1.  Theological/scientific project purpous and description. THIS WEEK "How Rabbi Nachman in Jerusalem actually brings PEACE"
2. Letter to EMET NEXT WEEK asking members to study this material and contact us..we want them to petition Poroshenko and get an "Offer" URGENT to place Rabbi Nachman on their prestigious An242 or alternative Ukrainian Airplane with full military escort to Israeli Airspace.
3. With the "Offer " EMET approaches: (WITHIN 3 WEEKS)
a. Senator Mc Cain, other US Senators, PM Stephen Harper (for Proffessional support)
b. The Archbishop of Norway, NORAD, the King aso. (for economic support)

(This is where I need help:)

Rachel's tears and prayers gave her a son; the logic: (since) no woman is able to give birth after 20 years of futile efforts unless it is through a scientific trick or a miracle.  In this case it was a miracle, however the second son was not a miracle, he came without tears and Rachel realized he wasn't miraculous like her first son.  Did she realize this because she was "sitting" on the witchcraft when her husband Jacob threw a curse, was the second son compromised by this? Rachel rejects Benyamin and Jacob "adopts" him (the result of his curse after all).  Both sons are orphans, in a very hostile family.  Rachel begins crying for her sons AFTER her death, but Benyamin is NOT her son.  Indeed she cries 3000 years til Rabbi Nachman is born (indeed he is the other son: one more/special) and she is still crying because he is being kept against his will in Uman. (prayer: We capture Putin and offer to release him in exchange for Rabbi Nachman).
Why is the connection between Josef and Rabbi Nachman so important?
Signs that there is a connection:
1. money
2. wheat
3. source of wisdom
4. ebay (be eretz israel)(achrey yochvey beitecha)(baruch Haba Leyerushalayim)
5. meuman...nachman Nachma nach na Odesser Ber Israel also Israel came out of the well AND the direction and kilometers (gematria of nanach) all correspond.
6. born in a well vrs Moses/Jehoshua ben Nun
7. "vayehi Binsoa Ahron" Ben Nun..Ki mitzion tetse torah..."
8. Off limits for all Levites (including Korach and Ahron).
9, Saba claims he IS Rabbi Nachman
10. Tzaddik Tadir idea expressed in Sefer Hamidot (atzvout)
11. Both rise from the grave at their own will
12. last words of RN "why worry I go before you, be together and I will be with you" No one wanted to help Moshe to find the bones of Josef not one in 600 000.
13. Na Nach = please rest in peace Nachman FROM Uman  and Josef made the request Pakod pakadeti to remove his bones from Egypt. BROKEN PROMISE TO G-D.
14. The number of the Halacha that validates this action for any jew is 363 which is the  name of the two religious parties that opposed this halacha (shass/ gimmel).
15. Both are connected to the BRIT MILA (sworn oath) where they are known to be faultless (since they are the ones WE are keeping OUR word to).
16. You have two eyes and Josef is considered "one eye". While Shimson asks revenge for the damage done to BOTH eyes and Goliath gets hit between the eyes (cause he is not an eye - neither is his brother).  Who would be the second eye if not "consolation, consolation "Nachamo Nachamo"?
17. The Hidden Book or Petek has 51 words and three times the number 17 written in it as well as 10 lines with a 7 letter word in the middle (the 11th line) and it is 10 by 7 in. in size. Note that both Moses and Josef are connected each 3 times to the number 17 which stands for Good connected most commonly to Good Heart, Good Eye, Good Thoughts.  The name Na Nach Nachma Nachman is worth 354 which is (7x7+1)x7+(1 for each word). something like the Jubilee when slaves were liberated both land and men...Josef would have liked that!

I think I got the connection pretty much nailed don't you?

Why is this connection critical in current events?

Because all the recurring problem in human history is the fight to be the "head".  Josef and all the other "heads" of leaders are constantly being betrayed..  The purpose of the second son of Rachel was for HER to gain dominance over her sister!  This is precisely what the second son will do.  Why is this a desired condition?
1) It establishes law and order, through happiness, wisdom and prosperity rather than sadness, brutalism and fear.  No animal can live without one head.  If humanity is to stop confronting itself through WAR then it needs one single head...but if the head is EVIL it will lead to a new "tower of Babel" situation because it will be rejected by G-d.
2) The world is in dire need of unification and PEACE. Never in history has mankind had so much power to do good or evil and we have not even noticed the tree of life!  There are 70 faces of Torah, 70 sages, 70 nations the "hate" Israel, 70 birth pains, 70 years David took from Adam, 70 Billion Dollars + 70 Billion Euros on Biological Warfare Early Warning System and it all comes from the BROKEN PROMISE of the 70 that entered Egypt and obeyed Josef by making this promise to G-d.  The Egyptian priests honored Jacob with 70 days while the "brothers" did only 40! (like the years in the desert for following false leaders called "spies").  Josef is called "ben Porat ale Ayen (70) which has something to do with Shimshon that seeks revenge for his two eyes in one single day! The second eye of Rachel which cries for her sons, is Rabbi Nachman. indeed Nachamo Nachamo Ami about the destruction of Jerusalem read on 9th of Av cocnludes with "ish lo Needar" (a man will not be absent) and THAT man is ONLY the second son, ONLY Rabbi Nachman.
3) There is no natural cure to anti-semitism because it's cause is not natural!
Titt for Tatt, throwing away Josef (the head) caused the brothers (the body) to recieve the same treatment from the nations (brothers to nations / head to body).  The nations in turn receive this treatment from the angels (Nations to Angels / head to body).
Anti-semitism which is a form of collective suicide (this can be understood) is the direct result of the 70 having reached the level of Josef (not by their own brilliance but as a result of the work of Moses and having suffered 3000 years of persecution for their alliegiance to him, in spite of their tendency for idolatry which includes slavery).  Jewish people and the "erev rav" that consider Moses their leader are not driven by true sexual passions otherwise they would reject the books of Moses entirely.  The "lusting" world draws it's energy from a completely different place, and both world need one another like the head needs the body and vice versa.  Anti Semitism is basically throwing off the head to abandon oneself to behave entirely physically like an animal.  As a result, the large majority of angels cease to obey the commands of men and things start going seriously wrong.
70 is the letter that spelled out means "eye" and in fact the eye of G-d is upon us and this is THE issue he is paying closest attention to.

If you consider the Dollar Bill which is the money of freedom (abolitionists on every note) you notice the eye at the top of the G-d ONE we trust.  The shield of David is a pyramid (symbolizing Pharaoh) and a reverse pyramid (symbolizing the humility of Moses and David).  The shield of LIES is the Nazi Swastikka which everyone knows is the brazen worship of all forms of lies like the ones being spewed out by "pravda" "truth".  The Nazis will reverse every accusation like a mirror not concerned in the least by reality.  Not-see or No t Si or not so (really Nutso).  The Name Na Nach is SHMO Na N 8 and breraks the Pach or 88 which is HH ..Heil Hiffler/  also it breaks the swastikka into LLLL (N N N N Na Nach Nachma Nachman).
The people on the Shekel (this name was given to the Lira by Rabbi Odesser who claimed to be Rabbi Nachman returned in the flesh/ Moses named the first coins that G-d showed him "shekels") are all people that made the first book of the Israeli Presidency by the first Minister of Education of the State of Israel, the Book "Israel Ber Odesser Ha Nachal (novea mekor chochma- Rabbi Nachman)".  The Shekel goes way past the Dollar as it represents freedom from sexual lust (but like the dollar it can be forged and missaproriated).
Na Nach on the Shekel represents the KING OF TRUTH (Josef and his brother, Nachman) while the US Dollar represents the King of Glory (David and his brother Goliath).  The world knows only the King of Glory and Honors but the real King is only THE TRUE KING (or King of truth).

I realize this is a big chunk of info.  ask me all the questions you specific so I can send useful answers.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

New Lipa Video.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Menorah/The Silver Shofar/Lust for Food/Pakod Pekadeti/lashon hara

The Menorah was made of one piece of Gold and all the lights pointed towards the "face".  The face are the seven oracles of the face (eyes, nostrils, ears, mouth)  The eight "on top" is the Na Nach Kippa.  It in fact looks like a candle ...THE eight light called Hannoukka or Malave Malka (eight candle).

The Levites and all the administration of the specialized administration of this tribe is mentioned here.  Notice the two silver trumpets that Moses needs to make for is the Cohens that sound the trumpets...what is the meaning of this???

Na Nach is the simple double triple quadruple which in first letters spells "like a shofar" in Hebrew.  The word Silver in Hebrew and in French are synonyms for the word Money (mean the same).

  Since the book Ebay is the source of all Israeli Shekels today it is fair to say that the song of the redemption (na Nach) is the trumpet of Moses in the hands of the Cohens!

The Lust for food, and the lust for Money are recurring problems.  Where the lust for money is a problem the sons of Jacob have, the lust for food is acquired from the Mixed multitude that left Egypt with the tribes (obviously rich Jews eat better!).  This is a very big test for Moses because just as the evil spoken about his wife which is an affront on him personally and on his father in law...who choses to leave the nation.  Speaking against people like Korach is not lashon hara, in fact the earth herself opened her mouth to gobble them up, with the blessing of Moses.  Speaking against the True Tzaddik is inexcusable even for his own big sister the Tzaddeket, Miriam.  This causes irreparable damage.

Anyone who denies Rabbi Nachman into Israel is not a Na Nach and doesn't understand the simplest meaning of the sentence, and is per definition an "am ha Aretz" and this should be made public.


Peace BEFORE Sept 15th?

Facebook: Bring Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem

The root cause of this WAR is in Uman, Ukraine.

Rabbi Nachman was not only a faithful subject of Paul I and Alexander I two Russian Tzars MURDERED by the Kremlin in order to keep Russia and Ukraine enslaved, he was also the second son Rachel cried for after she refused Benjamin who was not on a higher level than Josef.

Israel was in Egypt as a result of selling Josef.

Freedom could only come by taking Josef out of Egypt for burial in Israel.  Moses did that, but he didn't ask Pharaoh for Josef he asked for a three day celebration...maybe it would have been wiser to let Ahron speak.  Moses asked 600 000 Hebrew slaves for help taking Josef one accepted...this is very strange, but proof that nothing had changed yet.  The reason we could leave Egypt is not the cry, as G-d told Moses, but rather the fact that Pharaoh forgot Josef.  Had G-d told Moses tell Pharaoh to give us Josef, that would have brought the redemption, but the nation of Israel would never have reached maturity.  I believe we all want Rabbi Nachman here today except for those that take Kremlin money (you understand).

Putin is NOT allowing Rabbi Nachman to be buried in Israel, certainly not Jerusalem.  What does he care?  He cares very much, because he is SECULAR like the slave promoting Kremlin.  "There is NO G-D, man was created to serve superior men!"  Of course this is false, "all men were created equal" before one G-d who loves all his children, priests (who do not have property) and non-priests.

If you want to prevent the killing of 150 Ukrainians per day and avoid a biological War that can wipe out 50% of humans.  Pass the message that Jerusalem will accept Rabbi Nachman and provide an annual revenue of a Billion USD equivalent in Shekels of Dollars to Ukraine.  There could also be joint defense with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the IDF if peace isn't immediate (which it will be).