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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Na Nach in Beit Shemesh, your children ARE in danger please attend

Magen for Children and Families is proud to present its upcoming

taking place on Tuesday, May 26 2015
at Etz Chaim shul, Givat Sharet.

This is Magen's first Awareness event in Hebrew.

We are seeking volunteers to help us publicize this event by putting up posters in different areas of Bet Shemesh / RBS. If you are available to help with this, in any way, please respond.

Any help you provide us is greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

מלכה טבאל - Malka Tavel
אדמיניסטרציה - Administration
מגן לילדים ולמשפחות - Magen Child Protection Agency

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