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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Letter to Minister Bennett

Mr Bennett,
Deeply in favor of you having been chosen again as Minister of the Economy. I suppose you already have understood the difference between "value" and "commodity" a currency is not a commodity, it reflects the value of the people on it. Said another way, a great politician can make the desert bloom while a bad politician can turn his country into a far as the commodity goes they are both just politicians. The values is what gives value, pretty obvious?
Prime Minister Harper is in great danger of losing the next elections. He is the only head of state representing value today. Without Canada Israel would have to stand alone with maybe Morocco and a few other small states. The State Department, therefore the White House today represents international private economic interests more than those of the United States. It would be terrible for Israel if in the next few months Prime Minister Harper lost his position.
The way for Prime Minister Harper to give "change" to Canadians would be for him to be involved in the event of the transfer of Rabbi Nachman from Ukraine to Jerusalem. This event could unblock the huge potential Ukraine needs in order to repel and even neutralize Russian aggression. Russia has a lot of Gold and Oil, but the value level there is rather low. In Canada the story is reversed.
Mr. Arieh Dehri has been an eternal opponent of Halacha 363. I am sure nothing has changed with him, even after having gone through the punishment of Josef. The brothers of Josef and their descendents still hated Josef when they left Egypt and were still looking for Gold rather than saving the word and honor of their for-fathers (unlike Caleb and Jehoshua). The anti-semitic nations (70), the division (70), the evil Eye (70), the Babylonian Exile (70), the destruction of the second temple (70 ad), the Egyptian exile (70 for fathers), Sanhedrin (70), Faces of Torah (70), The Egypt Priests honoring Jacob 70 and us only 40! We can no longer listen to pseudo Halacha from someone who is not following the Halacha of HIS OWN HALACHIC AUTHORITY (R. Ovadia Josef).
It is reasonable to expect that if King David got 70 years from Adam, this event could bring eternal life back to the world. Josef was of course the wealth of the world, it is a criminal understatement to say that Rabbi Nachman is like Josef. Please contact me for details at 0504104961..or, I can be reached at the Federation for Moroccan Jewry 02 62573777. I suggest Mr Sam Ben Chetrit can introduce me to you. This is very real and the current situation Russia and her allies is proof that this transfer must happen within a very short time.
Israel can ill afford to lose an ally like Stephen Harper, now HE needs our help. Give him the opportunity to make this ceremony.

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